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Mar 30 2014, 12:56pm Anchor

Hi Indiedb,
I hope you all are doing well
I have been working as a character modeler and texturing artist from the last two years now and I have experience working on games, production and 3d print industries. I would like to share some of my art work and will highly appreciate if you share your thoughts and suggestions. Your response will be a great help to improve my art work.
Kaushik Saha.

skype- kaushiksaha007

Apr 7 2014, 12:29pm Anchor

check pm :)

Apr 16 2014, 9:16pm Anchor

Hi, I am Sleeping Obama and I would like to ask if you would like to help create the Mod "Black Mesa : Resonance". The mod is a Half Life 2 mod and aim's to create a new story during the Black Mesa incident and the 7 Hour war. The mod is going very at the moment and we could use help. I cannot pay I hope that won't be a issue.

Link to mod page -

Steam - Sleeping Obama

May 4 2014, 3:25pm Anchor

I hope you all are doing good, so far I have added few of my art work on Indiedb forum, but these uploads looks distorted, so I would suggest if you can try to right click on the images and press the view button in order to get the right proportion of the images attached. I do appreciate your efforts and love to hear from you.
Here are few of my personal art, I hope you all like it.
Thanks :)

Bruce Lee- speed sculpt (2 hrs)

Thor- speed sculpt (2.5 hrs)

Cowboy- optimized for tablets and mobile
Hope you'll like it.

There must be a problem with the image sizes, Please right click on images and click 'view image' to get the correct proportions.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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