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Sep 8 2012 Anchor

Anyone know a site or a link where I can download like a heap of textures I can use for a commercial game?
It's just all textures all have some type of restriction, not for commercial use and it's kinda hard to sort from them all.
I could try creating my own textures, but that might take me a while.

Would be nice if there was one huge massive web site that had textures, models, sounds all free for commercial use. It would make things so much easier.

Cryrid 3D Artist
Sep 8 2012 Anchor

Would be nice if there was one huge massive web site that had textures, models, sounds all free for commercial use. It would make things so much easier.

Its best to keep in mind that when it comes to commercial products, unless the game play is unique and absolutely stellar, potential customers are probably going to want to see original content.

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Sep 9 2012 Anchor has some good ones. Very high res, need work to tile them, but otherwise very good source for different uses.

Could search google for free texture sites, there is quite a lot of good ones, browsing through some, most seem to pretty much support commercial use, just with the similar terms to just not redistribute the texture as it is, but as part of a overall artwork piece, or model etc

Don't think any single site offers everything, but you got the resources all spread out across many sites like for audio and for models, with the textures sites above ^
Pretty much searching google will yield many results these days, resources seem to be getting ever more plentiful. :)

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Sep 9 2012 Anchor

Also for photos. Same thing, don't expect game-ready assets but you can definitely use them for free

Here's my collection and yes, free for commercial use: (some can't be used commerically, always check license for each asset)

Sep 9 2012 Anchor

Thanks for the help dudes! If anyone wants to give more links please do.

I like this place, and the licence is perfect for what I want to do. Textures are really nice also. They are huge in size. 2MB a texture.
I remember like a few years's ago I downloaded 120MB file of tiled textures with like 512x- 512x. But I ended up losing that.

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Dec 10 2012 Anchor

I also have a texture site - Free Textures from Texturegen - which I'm trying to build into a great resource for high resolution textures. There are nearly 1000 images at the moment, all shot or created them all myself. Most of the textures are 3000x2000px, so should be pretty versatile.

The textures are free to download and use for both commercial and personal projects - you can use them pretty much as you would any royalty free image you would normally pay for and no credit or back link is necessary.

Dec 10 2012 Anchor

Even the big studios use them, their images are free to use, and a free membership gives you access to like 15 megs a day, which you can spread out across as many images as you can find.


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Dec 12 2012 Anchor

If you use some textures taked from mother sites, i think it's better that you change them a bit (for commercial games) so nobody will tell you nothing ;)

SinKing bumps me thread
Mar 17 2013 Anchor

I found another resource to add to the collection. I think there is a download limit, because it asked me to login after I downloaded 4 Photoshop patterns. After that, I checked the texture section and it seems there is awesome stuff in there.


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Mar 18 2013 Anchor

Not free but this is where I go and worth every penny:

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