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AmeriCanadianGamer Minor Junior Private Negative First Class
Mar 29 2012 Anchor

Hey everyone. I'm assuming more than a few of you have played an MMO over the course of your lifetime, and for many of you raiding may have been the primary goal of your MMO career. But lately MMO's are starting to split the raids into normal and hard modes to accommodate varying skill levels. This seems great on paper, but in practice it leaves out the regular everyday player. These players find normal mode too easy, but hard mode too hard. I've made a video about it and I want to know what you guys think, what route could MMO's take to fix their boss challenges?

Nightshade Technical Artist
Mar 29 2012 Anchor

Well I only have experience with World of Warcraft but I played it for 4 years straight, sometimes up to 16 hours a day and I did tons of both top-tier, end-game raiding as well as high-rated arenas. My biggest disappointment was when Blizzard wanted to "give everything to everyone". Back in the days, both gear and raiding was a kind of privilege: Raiders and PVP:ers both had a kind of status and was looked up upon by more casual (and younger (read: newer)) players. Playing in an end-game guild back then was really awesome and it was really hard.

Then they thought it was a good idea to start making ALL content accessable to every kind of player. Both gear, dungeons and end-game raiding was made available to the casual gamer. I call this "casualization". They did it to PVP as well by giving everything to every class (such as stuns to every class, pets to the hunter and the mage, the list goes on) and making PVP more and more dumb (re-introducing three-shotting for example by the implementation of a then broken DK-class with the launch of WotLK). PVP was broken pretty much during that entire exp pack. Classes became more dull, raids became more dull, gear became more dull, PVP became more dull. Sure, more players got access to more of the game and they prob made a lot of money out of that (blizzard) - but it destroyed the game for many dedicated elite players. That's where I thought the problem was: the split between casual gamers and pros was eradicated. Casuals got all the love and we of the elite got shit thrown in our faces.

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