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Nov 18 2012 Anchor

Since I'm new here I might as well also introduce myself first. I am a 23 years old Swede, living in Sweden with my wife and daughter.I haven't been programming much at all, but since I started out I've been finding it a lot of fun, so now that I think I have some basics I will try making a game.I have a concept ready and will try to make it happen and would like some feedback on what you think sounds fun about it and what I maybe should consider changing.



It is going to be a top-down
spaceship-game, where you steer your ship but the weapon/gather-gun
will be automatically controlled. You can switch between 3-4 modes,
with some kind of delay, wich will change your abilities and stats
(like speed, shield, damage). This will, hopefully, make the game
more tactical then action-packed, when you have to worry more about
your positioning and choosing the right mode/stance for the

The modes I have in mind are:

Fast mode with high shield and medium dmg

fast mode with medium shield and high dmg

slow mode with high shield and no attack,
can harvest recources from asteroids

They are (I think) supposed to have
different abilities also. Maybe carrying resources slows you down and
defensive mode can drop some for speed or something.


I haven't really figured out what or if I
want to do anything with single player, maybe a short campaign to get
introduced with the mechanics or maybe just the ability to play with


The multiplayer will be teambased, you
start of at each side of the map with a mothership. The motherships
will circle the map throughout the game. Your objective is to gather
recources from asteroids and drop them off at the mothership. If you
get shot down carrying recources you will drop these and someone else
can harvest them.

Since I don't have that much programming
experience this will be a learn while doing project and probably take
a whole lot of time, but I hope that I at least can come close to
what I set out to do!

Edit: I read it through again ant the text was bad, so I rewrote it. Hope it makes more sense now.

IF anyone is interested we will be keeping a devlog here: link
feel free to give any kind of feedback here or on the website.

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Nov 26 2012 Anchor

I am currently making a top down space shooter with as little programming as possible haha. If you ever want to collaborate on a project then give me a shout : )

Nov 30 2012 Anchor

Are you planning to make a mobile game or a PC game? Android mobile application is in today. Though I think you could start with Macromedia Flash. I made a pingpong game and a racing game using that software. Its difficult since unlike other programming software it isn't drag and drop so you would really hard code it.

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