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Dec 6 2012 Anchor

Found out about Desura from a Steam post.
Liked what i saw on the Desura site so i bought three games.
When i clicked on "play" it said i need the desura client to play and two buttons popped up:
blue one said "desura installed, lets play"
black one that looked like a greyed out option or a cancel option said "install desura for winodws (other versions)"

The color on the button looks like a cancel option or a greyed out option and the (other versions) confused me, but since it was a fact i didnt have desura installed, i clicked on the black button, hoping it was not solely for "other versions" of windows.
The client downloaded and i installed it normally, needed a 35.5Mb update which took a while, was downloading at 100kbs when my connection supports 3.7mbs.

Now where are the games i just bought? Hmm. Check here, check there, couldnt find anything, it said i had no game registered on Desura.
After fiddling for a while i managed to find the games in the purchase history.
One of them had a "request key" option, got the key and copy/pasted it and it said it was successfully but it was still not showing anywhere in the client.
After more fiddling and rummaging through the options and menus i gave up and decided i could play from the purchase history menu, which i did.
The download speeds for the small sized games i got (50-100mb) was painfully slow though, i dont understand why.

Later on i tried again to see what i missed because none of the games was showing in the client and the "you have no games registered on desura" message was annoying. Didnt find anything but i saw a wonderful looking mod, G String for Half-Life2, tried to download it and thats when the big problems began.

Soon as i tried to download the mod, Desura crashed and gave the options to restart, force update or exit.
"Restart" gave me same error with same options right away
"force update" re-downloaded the 35.5MB (just as slowly) and after applying the update took me to the wonderful crash dialogue asking me to restart, force update or exit....rinse and repeat.

Ok so i decided to uninstall and reinstall Desura, more waiting for the fabulous 35.5Mb update, install ok, wooo my games now show on the list, the joy.
Problem is my painstakingly slow downloaded games are now gone...ouch.
Download again, wait and wait for the download to finish, finally done, now lets try downloading that mod again....crash instantly....
Tried deleting folders from the desura install hoping that restarting desura will reinstall new non-corrupt ones....didnt work, crashing all the time after login, get the stupid restart/force update/exit thing over and over.

Ok so now i have to uninstall and reinstall AGAIN? and if i dont want to lose the slow downloaded games i have to search and find them who knows where before i this point i realise ive been wrestling with this confusing mess for over 2hrs and didnt achieve anything other that getting more annoyed than ive been in a looong while.

Next day i calm down and start rummaging through folders to find where the games are installed, noticed i could start them directly from there without starting Desura, at least thats cool.
Gave up on attempting to download G String though, had enough problems, thank you.

My biggest complaint is the lack of a help menu and lack of a tutorial in the help menu. The help button takes you to the forums....lame.
There is a lot to learn and lot of useful info in the help menus of programs and i like fiddling with that, its probably the feature i would like to see most in Desura.

INtense! End Boss
Dec 26 2012 Anchor

We are working on the download speed issues, the client is a little unstable - so we aim to offer standalone downloads to ensure you can always play your games. Any way I can assist?


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

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