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Jul 19 2013 Anchor

So, I was think about all of the remakes I have ever played. Resident Evil, Black Mesa, Zelda, Mario, all the greats. So, I was just thinking. I want to remake games. As if they where made today off of a really good modern day engine. But the thing is that remakes are and look completely different from the original. Now I'm not talking about HD upgrades I am talking about total conversions. Where the game rights the original wrongs. Where it is a complete revision of the original. Now let me ask you.
Have you ever helped remake a game? If you have than how did you revision it?

I want to find a way how to revision a game because doing a complete conversion of the original.

Take doom for example. I mean, that game with its head high ceilings,repetitive patterned walls, and it's walls so narrow and choppy that it would look absolutely ridiculous by today's standards. But now, what do you think it would look like with a complete artistic make over? How would it look?

So my question here is how would you revision a old classic?

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Aug 7 2013 Anchor

l'd suggest leaving Doom alone,because there is already so much going on with it,but it couldn't hurt to try.Have you thought of trying a remake of something like Body Count?Or Cyclones maybe?Or last but not least Chasm the Rift?Personally,I've always wanted to see a remake of Power Slave (Exhumed).
But,whatever you choose to do,I certainly wish you the best of luck! :D


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