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Mar 14 2013 Anchor


Dropping Danger

Platform Scroller

1.0 (Beta)

[Level On-e Entertainment]

Emperor Pixel - Mário Santos (Pixel Artist)
Mestre – Evandro Gomes (Programmer)
platyBOSS – Cícero Liberato (Game Design)
UniformLine– Rafael Ribeiro (Music)

Dropping Danger is a platform Scroller where the player's primary objective is to escape
the domains of an underground gallery before the rising water drowns him.

As hindrances on your way, flying falcets will do everything on their power to
stop you by destroying the helpful platforms that take you towards the exit.

Escape the cavern the fastest you can by jumping on those platforms before they are
destroyed, evading falling projecticles spawned by the falcets as you do so.

Arrow Keys
(Left/Right) - Move the cat

Arrow Key
Up - Jump/Select menu option

Enter/Esc/P - Pause the game/Confirm menu option

This is the beta version of the game, containing only the basic graphics and main
mechanics. Being the first released beta, some of the resources aren't yet

All of the content developed for this game is of complete authorship of Level On-e
Entertainment Team. Visit for further information.

Download Links

Facebook Page:

Nightshade Technical Artist
Mar 15 2013 Anchor

Cool game, but it's way, way too hard!!
You should either add checkpoints, or difficulty levels (preferably both).


Technical Artist @ King - an Activision Blizzard division
Portfolio | LinkedIn

Mar 16 2013 Anchor

Hello Niteshade, thanks for the feedback!

The game's core concept is platform timing. If you can master the timing of the drops, and the platform interaction, it is possible to beat the beta flawlessly. Also, there ARE four checkpoints across the entire level (One being hidden). We plan on adding the diffculty level setting, but, on it's current state, the game doesn't really require it.

Watch this walkthrough:

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