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Oct 30 2013 Anchor

We're happy to announce we've put our game, Dragons of Elanthia, on Steam Greenlight. We've also started a KickStarter campaign to fund the rest of development and deployment.

Dragons of Elanthia is a multi-player shooter where you fly on dragonback, using a combination of rider and dragon abilities to win battles for your team. We give each rider and dragon we make a different set of weapons and abilities. Fireballs, crossbows, air mines and crushing shockwaves to name a few.

Check out the game play footage and dragon details on our web page, sign up for beta and give us an upvote on Greenlight if you like what you see. If you'd like to help us finish the game, back us on KickStarter.

We're always happy to hear what you like about the game, and your ideas for more dragon and rider types.

Thanks, and good flying.

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