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Jun 12 2013 Anchor



I'm Kruma, a project lead and level designer for a project called Dominus. It is basically an RTS based on traditional Age of Empires-like gameplay with a main focus on Greek Mythology and various new implementations to the genre.The main focus is of course the RTS, but we also have a Lobby system/server, which is used to allow players to view online videos in a theater, play mini-games, gamble at a casino, and customize suites. The main area though is of course the gameroom, which allows players to stand on a pad, customize their gameplay settings, and be transferred to the actual RTS gameserver to play. Think of a traditional RTS 2D Graphic interface, but taken literally in the form of an actual lobby.

We are currently seeking a modeler to help us complete the remainig assets needed to release our game. That is, we are basically at the point where all elements of production have been completed, aside from the RTS models themselves.

Anyone interested, please reply or private message me, additionally you can also contact me on Steam:

If any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to ask or inquire.


Main Lobby Area:

Game Room:

(the pad allows six players to stand atop, and will transfer them after a countdown imitates automatically after six players are atop. The screen itself is to allow spectators in the lobby to view various information on the RTS game in progress, the minimap, units, chat, resources, etc)

Theater Lobby:

Theater Area:

(with placeholder interface as we finalize our custom graphics to replace all of the menus, etc)


RTS Map:


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