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Jan 1 2014 Anchor


I use Capsule, and Steam and Origin, with no issues. I have about 400 games combined in those other accounts. There are a few which need to be tweeked to run right, or you need a Physx driver or something - but it's about 1-2 percent of the games. Everytime I want to play a game in my Desura account, I loathe even launching the thing - and it doesn't matter which of our household's 3 machines I use. I'm staringat the "Validating Download" bar now - What a joke. The worst of which is on a new Desura app install, installing the first game is a ridiculous. Just leave the machine for the night. Is this a holiday thing?

Any suggestions regarding Super Slow Installs?

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Jan 9 2014 Anchor

Sadly not. Maybe try posting this in the Support thread? I have been getting quite quick responses from there usually. At least when it concerned ModDB.

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