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Mar 20 2013 Anchor

Hello, I want to ask for help or advice on how to do it right the animation man with a gun, how to shoot, how the return and recharge as I am interested in how to do it frame by frame, I'm somewhere lyshal there any need to bind the controller to the hands and body, and please help still bound bones of the body, if someone knows where there are lessons or he can

Death_Octimus Mr Maya
Apr 2 2013 Anchor

Suggest you start with google followed by youtube alot of free tutorials and videos out there if you look.


Death Octimus

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Apr 5 2013 Anchor

Are you starting modelling?
You do not wan't to start with maya, look's easy because of it's layout but if you dig deep in the software it can get really complex.
You should try starting out with blender, lot's of good things come out of it and on the upside there are literally hundreds of tutorials for that software.
I think there are quite a few blogs with tutorials as well, you might wan't to hit up some of them.

Link to a good tutorial series: Here.
Link to the software: Here. (Free)

Apr 8 2013 Anchor

The fact that I wanted to model for the game FEAR, and the developers have done an animation in Maya and plug-ins released for Maya, so I want to learn animation in Maya.

Apr 9 2013 Anchor

You usually don't do it frame-by-frame in 3D animation. You rather set up keyframes and the computer interpolates the object's transformation between each pair of keyframes, according to the curve that controls the interpolation. It's easy to learn how to animate in Maya, 3DS or any other package - they're simply tools. You can Google several tutorials about animating and rigging with them.
Being able to animate a character to make it look like it's shooting, recharging etc. convincingly, on the other hand, is very difficult.

You need reference - how do you want these animation sequences to be? Setup a camcorder and record yourself performing the sequences you want (yes, with your arms and body), and then watch these recordings in your computer and study each motion you're making: each twist of an arm, each step of a foot. Go frame-by-frame on them so you can view things more easily (Media Player Classic has frame-step controls). Then you can animate your character doing the same.

The tool will never change much from this method of keyframes and curves (even with motion-capture, which is translated to keyframes in the end).
But the use of them, animation itself, is a very complex field and you only have your aesthetic view to help you get good results. Make sure to study animation.

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