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Aug 16 2017 Anchor

Greetings! I represent game development company Redox Entertainment. Currently we are making a tower defence game Cows vs Vikings. I want to show you some arts of the game's setting, to know, did we manage to create something nice. What do you think?Vic 1

Vic 2

Vic 3

The cannoneer is the basic defensive force of your lands in Cows vs Vikings. He's sending the stone rains on enemies' heads via the catapult. Calm and solid as a rock himself, he is very reliable guard of the frontiers. Do you like the art?

cat 4a

kt 1

Archers have sharp sight and dexterous hands. These skills help them to shoot those enemies who managed to break through the first line of defence. What can you say about the art?

archer 4a

ar 1

The Freezer is another defensive unit from the game Cows vs Vikings. His ability to use the freezing tube allows you to slightly slow down the enemies who are passing by near his oupost and also reduce their health. What do you think of this idea?

jump 4a

fr 1

Many people have asked me on the Web, what's the story behind all these arts. Well, it's not a secret. Cows vs Vikings tells a funny fantastic tale about ancient times of Yutlandia, where vikings and cows lived together in peace, but then the war has burned between them. So, now, controlling the viking forces, you should fight against attacks of cows' armies. You can find more info about the plot on our website; We will be happy to know your opinion about the story. And about the attached art too)

Holy cow

It's hard to imagine fantasy strategy game without the magic, and our project is not an exception from the common rule. Meet the Wizard whose magic blasts helps to destroy enemies very effectively.

Does this one look nice, how do you think? Does he remind you of Merlin or some other famous wizards of the past?

wiz 4b

It's not all about the characters. Please take a look at this picture from the forthcoming tower defence game Cows VS Vikings. This is the screenshot from the main menu interface. How do you think, does our menu look nice or it's better to change something?


It's time to introduce enemy units as well. Here is the Pitchfork Cow, basic infantry unit of Cow's Army. How would you rate this art?

pitchfork cow

Our team needs your help in analysis of the video of the rotating process. Here you can see our Cannoneer from Cows vs Vikings, rotating the lever. This mechanism rotates the cannon and aims it on cow enemies. What you can say about the process' physics - did we perform it right? Also you can see the low poly grid for this character.

It's a common thing for strategy games to develop and upgrade your units and Cows vs Vikings is not an exception. In this game with every cow defeated you're getting gold. And when you'll earn enough amount of it, you can upgrade any of your units to the next level. Let me show you the catapult upgraded to the second level. What can you say about it? Does it look nice?

cat 2

Meet the Cow Knight - heavy "cowfantry", armored, strong and tough. You will fight these They are hardly hardly vulnerable to arrows and cannon volleys, so you have to manage your resources wisely and build more magic towers to fight the cow knights squads, because magicians are more powerful to defeat them. Do you like the model?cow heavy 01

Let me show you new piece of stuff from Cows vs Vikings. This is a page from the spell book, where you can see the spells which will be available in our game. First of them, Thor's Hammer, is available from the very beginning and with this spell you can quickly punish any enemy (or group of them) at any point of the screen. Everyone is worthy to use Thor's Hammer now! Other spells should be lately unlocked. Do you like design of the spell book or maybe we should change something? Does it look user-friendly?

Book of Spells

It's time to show you some of our in-game screenshots! This is the vicinity of the Viking village which will be soon attacked by cow armies. At the points where you see the plates with the tower signs, you can build your towers. Circles with cow sign, in turn, marks the places from where the cows will attack. Do you like our level design, does it look friendly for you? Didn't we miss something while making it? Maybe we should add something for better authenticity? More info on our website:

Battle 1

Fresh meat from the world of Cows VS Vikings: the Moo-sical Cow or the Cow Chaplain. They accompany cow battle squads, encouraging them to run faster and be more furious with the battle hymns they perform on self-made accordions. Well... actually Chaplains only think that the matter is about encouragement, while ordinary cows are just trying to escape from this music, because it sounds actually pretty bad and silly. Even the Vikings who can't boast good music taste, find it very annoying. You will hear... when you will play the game.

What do you think of such an idea and about the way the character is performed?

More info about this game you can find on our website:

muz cow iso 3

Two archers are better than one! The Archer Tower from Cows VS Vikings, after being upgraded. Now it has enough place for a couple of archers instead of one. Together they will kill the enemies more effectively. This is not the last upgrade of this tower - ultimately it will turn into formidable battle mechanism. But it's a kinda secret by the moment (wink) So, how do you think - is the idea of increasing the fighters' amount good for a tower defence game or we should come out with something more original?

More info you can find on our website:

ar 2

Here we go with some new stuff from Cows VS Vikings.

Here you can see the battlefield with all the towers already built. The Archer Tower, The Catapult, The Freezing Tower and The Magic Tower. Different abilities, shooting ranges and damage levels brought the strategical element into this game. You have to place them wisely on the map, to make your borders impenetratable.

Please rate the quality of asset's design. Your opinion is very important for our team. Any feedback is welcome.

Vil lev01 comp1

Please take a look at these two magic towers from the tower defence game Cows VS Vikings. They belong to 2nd and 3d levels respectively. You will help a lot if compare them and tell us, does the second art really translates the fact that the tower was upgraded - or they are to similar to each other to notice it? Thank in advance.
More info about the game you will find on our website: Cowsvsvikings.com2 mages

Cows VS Vikings team is glad to introduce the artwork, illustrating the process of transformation of our Pitchfork from a concept art into in-game game asset. Here you can see such stages as sketching, drawing, modelling and painting the model. Previously I've posted the concept art on the Web, and quite many people said that the cow is cute. What do I want to ask now: does the resulting model reflects all that "cuteness" that was mentioned about the concept art?) Thank you.

Light Cowfantry

Please check out this in-game asset from the upcoming tower defence game Cows VS Vikings. This is the picture of the first catapult upgrade, which will give your catapults +10% to damage dealt. It's very important for us to know - did we manage to create really nice art with this one? Does the color palette of it look eye-friendly?

ic twr arty 1

We're back! Meet the character who is, probably, one of the most funny inhabitants of the forthcoming tower defence game Cows VS Vikings. It's a Pig Rider, who attacks, siiting on a back of trained war pig. Riders are robust, armored, fast and dangerous. They could be slowed down by your Viking Freezers.

Check out our official website for more info about the game:

double ride layers

Please take a look at these two freezing towers - 2nd (down) and 3d (top) levels respectively. How do you think, does the upper tower really reflect the fact that it was upgraded? Or they look to similar to each other to notice it?

More info about the game you can find on our official website:


The Kamikaze Cow isn't the most fearsome but definitely one of the dangerous hostile units in Cows VS Vikings. They are carrying barrels with gun powder, and if one of them will encounter some of your towers, the tower will burn up. So, one of the main things that you should do in this game is to prevent any contact with Kamikazes. We've created a couple of concept versions for this character, and the resulting model absorbed the features of them both. Do you like the character?

kamikaze cow iso 03

I'm excited to present new piece of gameplay from our game. Here you can see the cow army marching through your lands as well as some towers trying to stop them. Do you like what you see? Does this picture look attractive?

Battle 4

Here we go with a new piece of art from Cows VS Vikings. Ballista is the Archer Tower upgraded to 4th level. With this unit you can defeat your enemies much more efficiently. Do you like the concept art? Does it look nice and physically correct?


We are trying to add as much funny elements to our game as it's possible without seem too ridiculous. One of them is the Ninja Cow who is trained to stay unseen for most of the Viking forces. Only Archers and Wizards can see these Ninjas. Do you like the art of our Ninja Cow?

ninja cow iso 02

User Posted Image

Here we go with some new stuff from Cows VS Vikings: now you can see the animated version of the Pitchfork Cow - the light infantry of the Cow Army (also known as "cowfantry" or the "moofantry"). What can you say about quality of this animation? Do the characters (considering the fact that they are human-like bipedal cows, of course) move naturally?

The time has come to see Ballista from Cows VS Vikings in action: even the Ninja can't enter!


Here we go with new piece of stuff from Cows VS Vikings! This time I want to introduce the animated Archer Tower of the 3d level. What do you think about the quality of its animation?


Some new stuff from Cows VS Vikings, this time around - the animated waterfall across the Viking lands. Do you like the animation, does it look proper?


A new character is ready for Cows VS Vikings - Airborne Commando, or, literally, the flying cow. Do you like chacracter's design?

flying cow fs

Let me invite you to observe the evolution of the Archer Tower from Cows VS Vikings. How do you think, is such number of upgrades enough, or we should add few units more?

Archer evolution

More info about the game you can find on our official website:

The day has come, when we are finally ready to present long awaited gameplay footage from Cows VS Vikings. Please tell me, what are your thoughts about it?

Please take a look at this frame from our game. What can you say about the animation's quality? Does the healing effect performed by the cow look nice?


More info about the game you can find on our official website:

Meet Voodoo Healer, the cow shaman who is able to restore hit points of the allies. This is the powerful shaman who supports attacking allies with powerful healing spells. They move slow, but they are magic resistant and very tough to defeat - because from time to time they heal themselves as well.Do you like the character design?

User Posted Image

More info about the game you can find on our official

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