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Aug 8 2012 Anchor

I've been trying to update Xenonauts for about 3 months now, but every time it tells me that connections to all servers failed and that I should check to make sure I'm connected to the internet. However, I downloaded the Towns demo completely fine yesterday.

Aug 8 2012 Anchor

im having the exact same problem cant update xenonauts keep getting mcf error and that I should check to make sure I'm connected to the internet which i am otherwise i wouldnt be able to post here, and i updated Gnomoria fine today.

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Aug 8 2012 Anchor

Must be a Xenonaut server problem then?

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Aug 8 2012 Anchor

How are you trying to update it?


Aug 9 2012 Anchor

Through Desura. Click the little circle arrow thing next to the game. Though after that failing me for the last time I ended up deleting the whole folder in hopes that a fresh install would fix the problem. Nope Chuck Testa.

Aug 9 2012 Anchor

i did exactly as eje005 has said tried the circle in game list then deleted the game and tried to reinstall it, didnt work all im left with is install button which fails everytime with the above error

Aug 9 2012 Anchor

Well i'm getting exactly the same problem, can't update Xenonaut and can't play it now....

Aug 10 2012 Anchor

So is there a tech support page where I can submit a ticket or something?

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Aug 13 2012 Anchor

we are working on this at present, should have a fix shortly. in the mean time you can directly download the games via your page


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