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Jan 22 2013 Anchor

I am not a programmer, and my modelling skills are horrible (but I could learn).
After finishing the Nights Dawn trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton, I felt that wouldn't it be great if there was a game of this.

My idea is to create a Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion mod with three (or four, if the Edenists get their own) factions.

The Confederation:
(based on TEC)
No combat with planetary militia (like the TEC rebels), therefore rapid expansion expected (and required).
Cannot colonize Gas Giants.
No voidhawks (but do have blackhawks).
Space station is Trafalgar.
Long time to develop planets (until Kulu Corp upgrade is researched).
Low mineral and crystal production (but high credit production)
Low fleet upkeep.

(based on Advent)
Voidhawks. Instantaneous travel between all systems. Powerful warships. Long time to build (and must be built by habitat)
Can only colonize Gas Giants and Ocean planets (I think there was a mod with a model for ocean planets)
Extreme culture spread.
Can build Habitats as fortresses (but under civ tab). Both defensive and economic hubs.
High metal and crystal production (medium credit production).

(based on vasari)
New to FTL: Slow interplanetary travel, slow interstellar travel. Interstellar travel very hard tech to get.
Mosdva habitats: Like Edenist ones, but more efficient.
Low crystal and and metal cost for everything, small credit production.

If anyone thinks this would actually work, please tell me! I can create some basic models and do all the text (which the rest of the mods seem to be horrible at) and some of the programming.

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