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Oct 14 2013 Anchor

Hello to everyone,
my name is Tom De Vis and I am a professional portrait artist and illustrator.
Now I'm trying to get into concept art and would love to work on an ongoing project with a big chance of finishing,
since that would look nice on my resumé.
I have a degree as a technical 3D artist and a great understanding of how the game development works (3 small finished projects).
I'm not looking for a payed gig, but I would love to join a project which is already in development.
I would love to do character, environment, props ... design and finished illustrations, pretty much anything.
An art director who knows what he wants and has a set style in mind is an extreme plus.
I would love to answer any questions if there are any.

I hope to hear some information about any projects soon.

Kind regards,

Tom De Vis

Oct 15 2013 Anchor

If you have any interest in Jurassic Park, we are making a game based on Isla Nublar and could use another concept artist
check us out on FB

Oct 15 2013 Anchor Interested in my game Cadalion Online?


Eruption Entertainnment is a game and software developer/publisher

Oct 15 2013 Anchor

We're looking for a Concept artist/Illustrator.

Check us out at

Nov 5 2013 Anchor

Our team is growing huge and we have been in development for something epic these past months. Email sent! :)


Nov 12 2013 Anchor

Just sent you an email your stuff is amazing. Hope you have some free time for our project as well. Thanks.

Jan 23 2014 Anchor

Hey Tom, Devon here. I may have something you might be interested in. Our art director knows what she wants and has spent quite a bit of time on it. Here is a link with a full description of the game I am working on and what we are looking for Ataxia . If it is something you would like to pursue further, feel free to send me an email or private message. Thank you for your time!

Feb 2 2014 Anchor

Pls let me know if you are interested

LostWorlds Boss
Feb 2 2014 Anchor

Hello Tom,

This is nick from the Lost Worlds, First wanted to say amazing work, love the level of detail and color usage, gives your artwork feeling and flow, if you are looking for a serious project, come talk with me. We are now In the process of releasing our alpha and starting kickstarter. We have also just been accepted in Steam greenlight. Right now we have been scouting for concept artist for both environmental and character. We handle everything professional and know what we want. I would love to at least have the time to sit down and chat with you about this opportunity and hopefully come into and agreement and for you to join our team. We also have another project that is for the ios/droid that will be going up within a couple months as well. There is a lot of opportunity here with us and hope you are interested into joining us. you can send me a pm on here and we can chat and set up a time and talk about what we have to offer.


Nicholas Payson
CEO and Lead Game Designer
Lost Worlds LLC.

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