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Can someone help make a game for my son? (Forums : Suggestions : Can someone help make a game for my son?) Locked
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Jan 15 2013, 5:16pm Anchor

My son loves bears. He pretends to BE a bear alot of times, and he likes games like Zelda. Lately, after discovering I downloaded a pirate related game for my adopted daughter (who loves pirate things) from here, he's been begging for a game that's a "Bear Adventure". He would even play a classic RPG style that had to do with bears. So can someone make a game on here that is an RPG or Zelda-like adventure staring a bear, AND be child-appropriate? You could put other little animals in it too, but he just wants to play as a bear. If there is already a game like this please tell me. I really want to make him happy...

I know I probably put this in the wrong catagory, so could someone move it to the "Ideas" area?

Jan 15 2013, 6:14pm Anchor

SimAnimals on the Wii lets you interact with animals, including bears.

I've never played the game myself; so I don't know how good it is.

Gameplay essentially consists of directing animals to do things to help them complete goals set by the game.

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Jan 16 2013, 2:29am Anchor

Hi Vance_Pants,

I think programs like RPG Maker, Multimedia Fusion or Game Maker are a good and easy way. I think you need about a week to create your first simple game with it. I don't know how old your son is, but I think a small and simple game with a bear made by his dad would be awesome enough for him :D here you can find some resources for the RPG Maker. There are a lot of other sites. Maybe you can find a bear somewhere and make it the mainchar :) A game about a bear who must rescue Link from Zelda, because she wants to kiss him...because girls are eeeeewwwwhhh :P

Sorry, I can't help more, but I have no time atm to create a game.

Good luck and regards,


Jan 16 2013, 11:19am Anchor

give me a budget 10,000 euro and you get a game where you can play as a bear next year

Jan 16 2013, 3:53pm Anchor


Jan 16 2013, 4:23pm Anchor

Banjo-kazooie maybe. You play as a bird too.
Umm, Winnie the Pooh?

Banjo-kazooie/Tooie could be a good thing to get though, how to get hold of it is the issue... though get a controller, an emulator and you can have it running on the computer, and both games last many hours.
Seems a lot of games where you are a bear are for really young gamers, even more education games.

Jan 17 2013, 6:01pm Anchor

only the prototype is available at the moment but you could try making something with axis game factory.

Feb 2 2013, 10:55am Anchor

As Arieas said, the best and firstmost thing you could do is get yourself Banjo Kazooie, but a Bear RPG has been suggested, because well... You'll be a bear (likely with swords). Oh, that would need blood though. A bear survival game also sounds pretty cool, since you wouldn't be able to use tools like a human being but you'd be stronger and such. Heck, you could even steal picnic baskets!

The only other games with bears that isn't Pooh related (or very bad) that I can think of are Pokemon and Digimon, but their bears are technically altered monster type things. I'd say try and get him Banjo for now.

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