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Apr 4 2011 Anchor

So I recently downloaded the COD4 SDK and I was surprised by the lack of any tutorials or videos on how to use it.

So I have a couple of questions:

First, Can I use the tool in order to create SP levels or is it just MP ?

Secondly, Where can I find any info on how to use the tools or is it the same as any other Radiant SDK ?

Thirdly, How stable is the tool. Does it freeze alot ? Does it need programming knowledge in order to create SP levels ? Is it easy to use like UDK and UE3 or is it much harder ?

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Apr 4 2011 Anchor

Yes, you can use the CoD4 Mod Tools to create any SP or MP map you like. This should be enough to get you started for now:

Also be sure to patch to v1.1:

Well, if your using Vista or 7 you might run into a few issues with Radiant. However most of those can be fixed with "Compatibilty settings" in your specific OS. As for crashing it may happen occasionally due to intersecting, degenerate or otherwise bad brushes/terrain/prefabs. Good luck.

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