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May 13 2014 Anchor

Hey guys,
I've always been into making video games and have been coding for around 4 years. I recently decided I'd take it to the next level and find a team to work on a game with. I just couldn't get very far being my own 3D modeler, texture artist, programmer, audio producer, etc. So my strong suit is definitely programming.

I love games with large stories and adventures such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Skyrim, and almost every notable JRPG.

I'm looking to join a team that is sort of already working. I'd rather not join a project that isn't started and I'd really like to make sure it's a project that nobody would give up on.

I don't expect to be paid but have a split of the game's revenue. I don't mind working in Unity, SFML, even Slick2D as long as I'm not the one doing graphics for once haha.

Very new to these forums, thanks guys!

May 13 2014 Anchor

Hi there my name is will loudermill i am head developer of the game jurassic genetics and we were wondering if u might be interested in joining our team our game is a third person/sim game and we are in need of more programmers, we already have several demos out and are looking for more programmers to help us finish he full game please feel free to contact us on facebook when you have the time, thank you.

May 13 2014 Anchor

Hi, Rukiryo,
You may be interested in our project, the Lays of Althas:
The Lays of Althas is a 3d RPG based on CryEngine. From your gaming tastes, I believe you may be interested in what we're hoping to create. We currently have a developer team of around 16, but we are looking for coders to help us develop the game code. I hope that you may be interested in working with us - if so, you may contact me by PM or email at .
Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.
Oh, and welcome to the forums!
(Above link wasn't working)

Oct 9 2014 Anchor

Hello sir! We would like to recruit you in our team

Studio X is a team that puts each other's needs first. That being said, even part time help is appreciated. We will not force you to put our team before your other lives. The catch is, this is a non-profit team. We make the game for our amusement, your amusement, and the player's amusement. Even though we don't require you to put the team first, loyal trustworthy members will be seriously reviewed first.

Do you pay?

Sadly, its a non-profitable team
If I was interested in applying, what should I do?

To apply all you need to do is message the team leader.
[and register in our forums]

Some things we'd like you to include to help us get to know you:
· What role are you applying for?
· How often do you think you will be able to assist?
· Will this be the only team you will be working for?
· Tell us about yourself. Any details are welcome.

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