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Jun 26 2013 Anchor


BB v1.0beta is now available for community playtesting

(...and faceroll error checking ^0^)


Battle over the earth with a friend! 2-Players-1-Keyboard ACTION!

Inspired by multiplayer classics such as PowerStone, Super Smashbros, MetalSlug and Soldat... Blitz Bandits is a 2-player 16-bit Action Shooter packed full of emergent gameplay mechanics which develop player mastery.

With a focus on skill and timing, it will take more than a few rounds to claim yourself a 'Bandit'!

BB is brought to you by:

Blake Simpson

(Art, Code + Implementation)

Jarryd Nielsen

(SFX + Music Composure)


NOTE: Beta version is a WIP. Some things are missing or incomplete.

Updated version to come soon - More worlds and improvements to come soon.

Stay tuned for an updated release!

Jun 30 2013 Anchor

Just went and had a play! very awesome style, use to love these type of games as a kid. just a problem i faced, no idea if it's just because i'm retarded and missed the back button ha but yeah when going into each of the options and setup and such screens i couldn't seem to go back to the previous screen, is there a button i'm missing? although i do think a back button at the bottom would be cool, as i liked having full control with my wasd keys

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