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Dec 26 2013, 4:57pm Anchor

What is your opinion on the best language to use for a 16-bit console system such as Super Nintendo (SNES).
C? C++? Ruby? Lua? Android? Java?


ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Dec 27 2013, 7:46am Anchor

If you think you can use a managed language you're in for a rough surprise.

SNES programming is done in assembly - specifically 65c816. You could find any of this information out yourself with a 20 second google.

Dec 27 2013, 7:15pm Anchor

I already know that, but what I'd like to know is what language can compare to or be better than Assembly but remain in 16 bit format.
C++ seems like overkill, but Ruby may be limited.

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Dec 28 2013, 3:52pm Anchor

The language you use is going to be entirely dependent on the target platform and the availability of a compiler - so without knowing what hardware you're targeting, your options are limited.

Generally speaking, if you want to work in 16-bits, you're working in assembly. 16-bit hardware began to be superseded by 32-bit hardware in the 70s -with the notable exceptions being the SNES and Genesis had almost completely disappeared from consumer hardware markets by the mid 80s.

The languages you're talking about are all modern, though it is possible you may find some C derivatives with a GCC based compiler to work with 16-bit hardware, the rest you will not. Out of the ones you've named, Lua and Java aren't ever going to be options because Lua is a scripting language, not a programming language, and Java requires a virtual machine, which no 16-bit consoles will be able to handle.

Android isn't even a programming language or a scripting language, it's an operating system...

Dec 28 2013, 4:00pm Anchor

So it looks like Assembly and C are my options. I guess things might need to be changed to 32-bit but make the games more pixel based.

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Dec 28 2013, 5:03pm Anchor

16-bit or 32-bit hardware has absolutely nothing to do with the graphics...

Dec 28 2013, 7:21pm Anchor

You are correct

Jan 18 2014, 7:32pm Anchor

C++ will work for all, but Microsoft has a lot of support for C# on xbox.

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