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Mar 8 2013, 5:47am Anchor


Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for reading this having the willingness to help. I've been wishing to create a, airfights/spacafights video game. A 3D, interactive, real time action game that the player will be a user of an aircraft going to war and different fights. I'd like to ask...This game was going to be a mod out of Unreal tournament by the use of Unreal Engine. But, I've heard rumors that UDK, may not actually be the best angine of choice for such a theme of a game. Some others did suggest "crytek" instead.

I'd like to know more about this. Which engine of them could do more? Which one would suggest for to be used according to it's friendly interface, and most important of them all, it's performance for the game product? Are there other game engines too that could do the trick?

Mar 8 2013, 7:53am Anchor

You might want to check out more engines like


Then Blender got a game engine as well.

Mar 8 2013, 12:54pm Anchor

Unity is probably the easiest workflow.

This guy made this in XNA and had a post a while back in Unity that he was going to port it to Unity:

Here's a flight sim from Unity, not sure how much more you need for what you're thinking:

The other good thing about Unity is you write your code once and can deploy to multiple platforms easily. I use C# for android and can port to iOS.

Mar 8 2013, 2:10pm Anchor

What I am looking for is a dynamic way of battling in the air with other aircraft. Heave fire, and missiles. This is goin to be an extreme action project if it all goes as planned. Friends, up for to simulate flight phycics, you seem to mostly take unity's part. Still can unity, if some more new code is written, produce those results?

Mar 8 2013, 4:08pm Anchor

Certainly...projectiles are extremely simple. You can simply add a collider to objects you want to detect collisions against (other planes), when the player presses fire you instantiate the projectile at the point you should shoot from on the plane/gun and give it a velocity forward. You can click a checkbox on the projectile to say whether you want gravity to act on it, with some settings to increase/lower gravity (requiring players to have more or less lead for shots). When 2 objects collider you can trigger different functions for differently tagged/named/ or typeof objects.

The actual projectile could be a primitive sphere/cube, you can add particles like smoke trail, fireballs, whatever, then you could attach a damage script to it that is called when it collides with an object and if that object has a health script it can deduct damage from the health.

Another common thing you may want is raycasting. It shoots an instant, invisible line, that returns any hit objects. You can also get the impact's magnitude at the hit location to trigger different effects if the object is hit by a certain force. Here's how simple it is, plays a sound if the force is high enough from the impact: You could also do fall damage where if you fall far enough you die while taking different amounts of damage from different heights.

This is a line of tutorials for an RPG but it handles damage, health, etc and is a good starting point, but the documentation is great at giving you code snippets you can use and the wiki site has tons of free scripts

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Mar 15 2013, 6:36am Anchor

I can see. Well thank you a lot everyone for providing me thins information. Now I guess it's work time.

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Mar 15 2013, 7:15am Anchor

I'm not sure why UDK wouldn't have been a viable option for this kind of game? It seems perfectly valid to me.

Mar 15 2013, 12:54pm Anchor

ambershee wrote:I'm not sure why UDK wouldn't have been a viable option for this kind of game? It seems perfectly valid to me.

Can you list the basics of how raytracing, projectiles, etc would be handled with UDK? Any 3d engine is viable for it, but which are more difficult? What's the workflow to get a model in UDK and have it shooting projectiles, taking and giving damage, etc

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ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Mar 15 2013, 1:12pm Anchor

The actor class (base class for in game objects) has a couple of trace functions built in, there's also a base projectile class. There are a fair few tutorials for importing content (importing meshes is quite easy).

You'd need a little bit of UnrealScript to get a pawn acting like a spacecraft, but it wouldn't be overly difficult and there are a fair few examples already out there.

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