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Aug 31 2013 Anchor

Hey there,
Me and a few friends (Mainly Artists) want to get into Gave development. We haven't had much experience but wish to find some people to have fun starting out with.
It would be good to find a programmer of intermediate level
This will be un-paid work to start with, more of a project just to get things going.
It should hopefully be a learning experience for all of us.

p.s We are total beginners but we are willing to work hard to design and create games of a decent standard

Do keep in mind we shall be starting from scratch right from the design stage to final release.

Thank you :)

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Aug 31 2013 Anchor

Hi Dave. You guys should post a link to a portfolio or something. This way the teams looking for members will be able to see if you guys are what they are looking for.

Oct 31 2013 Anchor

Hi Dave, Im currently starting a team to help develop a MOBA game for the PC/Mac, my company is named dreamxproductions. I'm currently in the process of gaining a writer to edit the story I currently have, I have a level designer already willing to work, and I have a 3D Modeler (Professional) who's willing to work as well, once all information of the design stages is thought of. If you and your friends are willing to help me develop my ideas more and help develop/design the game from the floor up, I would be willing to work with you all.
-First game my company will begin on
-Kick-starter is in mind
-I am a artist, but my talents are very rusty
If you and your friends are interested and willing to help my email is:

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Nov 1 2013 Anchor

What is with people and necro posting on this forum? .....


Eruption Entertainnment is a game and software developer/publisher

Nov 1 2013 Anchor

I am in desperate need of artists for my game pm me and I'll tell you everything its a fps rpg

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