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Oct 29 2013 Anchor

Well, my last project isn't going so well so I looking for one again. Once again, I'm an amateur 3D modeler who's looking for work and I do not require payment unless the game gets financially successful to the point where you could afford to pay me. Here's the kind of project I'm looking to join:

It needs to have/be:
Realistic firearms that I can get reference pictures for
Open world/sandbox

It needs to not have/be:
Non-optional Permadeath (I can't stand permadeath, but I'm okay with it being in the game as long as it's optional)

Post-apocalyptic world (Zombie apocalypse, Nuclear Apocalypse, etc.)
Low-Medium Graphics (makes it easier for me to model stuff)
Lots of customization options in-game

That is all I ask of the project. The bonuses are optional, but I'd love if you had them as a part of your game. If you have something like this and are interested in having me as a part of your team, please contact me here, on Skype (my Skype name is prophetraz1311), or Steam (my steam name is mah little Desert Eagle). Thank you for taking the time to read this if you have done so! =)

Oct 29 2013 Anchor

I'm looking for a modeller although it dont fit what you are looking for look at Project New Age and pm if interested. Also I im working ok a zombie game with another team they are low on modellers but they dont have multiplayer

Oct 29 2013 Anchor

Hello Aralvar,

We are making a first person shooter. It doesn't stand on moddb and we are learning to make games (it's our fps 3d game - before this we made some 2d games for ourself with gamemaker-). there will be a 8 player co-op, realistic weapons and fictional weapons, the players respawn when they are dead and it will be a (realistic) open world post-apocalyptic game. Because it's our first game there will not be too much graphics.

with kind regards,


Oct 31 2013 Anchor

UPDATE: Still looking for a project!

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Oct 31 2013 Anchor

Do you have a portfolio?


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Oct 31 2013 Anchor

Found another project, thanks guys!

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