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May 9 2018 Anchor

Hey Everyone,we are ComboTravellers.
We just released the Alpha version of our new game:Elemental Dungeon. It's a super cute, super fascinating action game with rogue-lite elements and randomized dungeons. Our little wizard is determined to enter the dungeon and defeat the evil monsters. Although she cannot use the helmet and armor, she is still able to combine the elements to cast spells or use environment to defeat the enemy. Without doubt, the adventure she is going to meet will not be easy.

Now we're searching for players to join our alpha test. We'll test game through Testflight.Start from May 10th to May 31st. If you're interested in it.Please post your APP ID in comment.We will invite you as soon as possible.

Here's our discord
You can write reviews in #reviews
Or you can write a review and send an email to

We will post devlogs in Twitter:@ComboTravellers

May 16 2018 Anchor

This game looks great and curious. I can recommend you to play Neverwinter-MMO - game of the famous universe Dungeons and Dragons, the plot of which tells the story of events that take place 1000 years after the magical cataclysm that forever changed the face of the land Faerun. During this time, the once powerful Empire fell, and the huge city turned into ruins inhabited by monsters and a handful of survivors trying to rebuild new settlements. If the game forbidden in your country you can use proxy service here good luck

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