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Mar 12 2013 Anchor

Hello, My Darlings,

Welcome to your new reality. I hope you like it here- after all, it’s a world of your own creation. Feel free to make it into everything you have ever desired and more. That is, after all, the point of this, to create and destroy, change and manipulate, grow- I want to take two steps forward and five steps back with you as we discover other races and learn new languages. We’ll climb mountains, blaze trails, and bend the elements to our will. We’ll laugh, fight and cry our way through bloody tragedies and grand achievements. We will, above all, live.
Aeryth Online is being created in order to meet the human psyche’s need to create and live outside of one’s self. It starts with the beginning of the world, with each race having its own ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve,’ so to speak. Each race is formed by and in the image of their very own patron god or goddess, bored supernatural beings who came together to make a new world and watch as it fills itself with strife, chaos, and fantastic feats of heroism.
We invite you to be born as one of the firsts and populate this world as you learn how to survive and thrive in various environments and climates. Become a legend, and remember...

Enjoy Your Journey,

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