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adding multiple .bips to a scene (Forums : 3D Modeling & Animating : adding multiple .bips to a scene) Locked
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mikejkelley Dream Caster
Jul 15 2013 Anchor

I've made some progress with my limited understanding, but I've hit another wall.

I'm trying to create an .fbx for import into Unity that contains all the .bip animations I've created.

The problem is, motion flow mode imposes transitions that I don't want, destroying the animations and leaving Unity nothing to cue off of to create its own transitions. The edit transitions dialog in max is an enigma, all I want to do is to load a bunch of .bips into a single scene w/ (apprx.) 10 frame buffers between them that can look however ugly they want.

I'm so close yet so far away.

casf01 Rigger / tech artist
Jul 16 2013 Anchor

I dont get your problem is it becauseyou can divide the fbx in unuty? Is it because your getting some intepolation that affect each of your animation at the begginning and ending? If your issue is about max, the subject is well documented inside the help files ive done it several it times.

Sorry cant help you more than that for now. Which transition o you want to get rid of and why? And why are you a linear blending transition? Why not animating it ?

mikejkelley Dream Caster
Jul 24 2013 Anchor

The Unity engine needs to take care of the transitions in this case. After messing around w/ motion flow settings I got it to work. A lot of it was the dialogs didn't make sense (ie "start" would refer to the the start of the second animation when contextually it suggested the first, that sort of thing).

I ran into additional problems that I couldn't load the cape bone animations in such a way that they corresponded to the .bip anims. So I gave them a spring controller. Here again I was unable to eliminate the transitions, in this instance restart (transform to 0) the bones at the beginning of each of the .bip animations. As a result, sometimes when the .bip is standing still the cape is still flying around because previously the .bip was jumping. Might post vid later.


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How many people have read the TOS?

"Must not contain copyright material "

"The mod is unique and original and not in violation of anothers intellectual property."

casf01 Rigger / tech artist
Jul 24 2013 Anchor

you can tweak the spring controller to make it loop. Simply create keys an animate the loop ;)

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