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TKAzA Community Manager
Oct 6 2006 Anchor

So you may be thinking, ive found this add-on , its not mine but I want to share it, Is this okay?

Under the right circumstances the simple answer is "Yes", However sometimes its not legal to distribute add-ons, this is due to copyright laws and IP ownership.
While most add-ons are under the public domain license and can be freely distributed and modified, some choose to protect there work and rights, we are also bound by these and must respect there choice.

So before adding a add-on to the db please consider the following.
Is this your work?, Have you seeken permission from the developer to add this add-on or distribute the add-on, Has it already been added to AddonDB under a different name, If you modified the file is credit given?, to the original add-on maker/s.
If a add-on is added and the creator requests the add-on be moved or removed, this will be done so immediately.

If you want to be sure your add-on will be approved, best idea is to follow a few simple steps.

- Ensure you explain what the add-on does and how it works.
- Explain how to install the add-on and remove it.
- Credit where credit is due.
- Ensure images are included that show the add-on in action.

If you are unsure about these, please contact one of the AddonDB staff and they will be happy to help.

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