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Abuse of authority administrator Henley (Forums : Support : Abuse of authority administrator Henley) Locked
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May 2 2013, 10:23am Anchor

DeXiaZ, rude, but you're partly right
Silver, you really envy, our mod was include in top 100, and you told to deleted it, this not good!

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May 2 2013, 10:28am Anchor

You are offending me, telling me that I'm a troll, telling me that I'm an asshole, admitting that you are all my enemies, saying that you will continue and increase throwing shit on me on other sites where I can't defend myself so you get more "friends" against me... and I am the troll and asshole?
I think that I'm done here, I've already tried enough and I'm tired of being offended becouse of that, if one of you changes his mind just PM me, in both cases please stop acting like this, becouse even if you are used to a place where there are no rules there's still an ethic code that should guide your actions.

PS: Sure, this is why I'm complaining about every other mod in the Top100 list, only mine can be there, REMOVE EVERYTHIIINGGG!!! No seriously, come on...

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May 2 2013, 10:33am Anchor

This thread is going places.


All posts are phase shifted and routed through the main deflector dish for quality assurance purposes.

May 2 2013, 10:34am Anchor

I wanted to communicate clearly explain how looks like this situation.
If the mod wasn't in the top 100, it hasn't caused such a heated discussion

May 2 2013, 10:35am Anchor

But how can we stop if you go, tell lies, and do not recognize already shown and proven facts, I'd love to have stopped it all, I'm sick of it myself, but you do not want to admit it all, and constantly talking about stealing from us, and we answer that it is in the description, I'm just afraid of the moment when will the Punisher with new maps from our feast, and you suddenly say that I stole it from you.

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May 2 2013, 10:37am Anchor

Silver if you will not accuses us of stealing, then everything will be fine

May 2 2013, 1:11pm Anchor

Henley we wait.

May 2 2013, 1:56pm Anchor

Considering the low amounts of damns given by Henley, as detected by the care detective, wait longer.



May 2 2013, 2:51pm Anchor

Hopefully we will find a solution before Henley returns, I'm talking with AntiEvil about an agreement. :)

May 2 2013, 3:02pm Anchor

Ok. We find a solution.
The_Silver upload urrent version of the OTS Aiming mod and Iare going to credit him in my mod for original OTS-idea.
Guys, "war is over".

May 2 2013, 3:26pm Anchor

I second that. I'm happy to have found a solution and even more happy if we will be able to avoid things like this in the future.
Henley I'm going to release my OTS Aiming mod now, even if unfinished, for the sake of a good compromise, and with my usual policy of "You are free to modify or borrow whatever you want and use it as you want, the only thing I ask is to give me credits for my work" everything should be fine and their mod can be restored, at least for me. Thanks.

TKAzA Community Manager
May 2 2013, 4:46pm Anchor

And i would rather you keep your complaints about staff that are unjustified to PMs, there is no conspiracy.
You should be ashamed... Henley wasted his time trying to help you resolve an issue you caused yourselves and now resolved without any further input, staff work hard to keep this site clean, don't complain on a public forum when your not happy with their judgement. It just makes you look silly. Especially when the argument,it would seem is over a few extra downloads or fans, modding is fun, keep it fun, mod for yourself not for others, if they like your work over others awesome... if not... and it hurts your ego-your modding for the wrong reason and have only upset yourself, its no ones fault but your own.

And this is not a place for teams to gang up on one another and bicker... Keep your disputes to PMs
I commend the silver for allowing use of code, modding is caring! Change the game!

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Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
May 2 2013, 7:51pm Anchor

Nicklz wrote:Henley we wait.

Yep I was sleeping, it happens when it is night time.

AntiEvil wrote:Ok. We find a solution.
The_Silver upload urrent version of the OTS Aiming mod and Iare going to credit him in my mod for original OTS-idea.
Guys, "war is over".

Fantastic I am glad everyone was able to come to a solution, however the bandwagon ethos you and your friends have is well... extreme. This could have all been sorted out really easy if you kept it to PM's. I would suggest that you gents work together with these things, since you seem to be active in the modding scene for the game it only makes sense.


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