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Aug 31 2013 Anchor
so I had a modding idea
what if we took select weapons, models and maps from black ops(1), modern warfare(1), black ops 2, world at war and combined them to make one awesome cold war/Vietnam era multiplier game.

it would take maps from both the singleplayer and multiplayer of black ops and black ops 2. then we add weapons from black ops 1/2, zombies dlc, and modern warfare. with three teams armed with rebalenced and retextured weapons from the cod series each with there own objectives. one nato team, one ussr/nva/rebal team and then a independent team (irish repullicans, thugs, cia, african thugs, kgb, awol sog).
having preset classes that change with the effectiveness of your team, such as starting off with being able to choose between a m16 or a m14 then after like ten kills or assists you gain the option of a barret 50 and a mp5 sd (with the model from modern warfare).
we could refresh the waw, cod4, and blkops1 weapons and maps, and since there all on basically the same engine it would be easier than swapping weapons to garys mod.

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