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Oct 16 2013 Anchor

This really doesn't apply to Republic At War mods, and Clone Wars mods. But anything GCW and beyond.. this applies to you. Ya'll are always adding this new interesting ships to "combat" the threat of Imperial Star Destroyers to the Rebels/New Republic/GA side. That's fine, but you never seem to want to give them ISDs. Which they did in fact have, particularly after the battle of Endor. Hell, after Coran Horn stole it, they had a Super Star Destroyer. You could be picky with these, and just make certain ones hero units, or you could just make them buildable, but ffs... Do something different for a change. I'm tired of seeing the same old Mon Cal Cruisers in every mod for the Rebels. About the only mod team that got it somewhat right was Absolute Corruption Mod. I don't even see them in the top 100 on here anymore.

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