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casf01 Rigger / tech artist
Jul 10 2013 Anchor


I'd like to develop a 3ds max tool. After several byears of work with 3ds max stdios i feel like the .env file generated from the save skin tool icould be improved. If you tried to scripta tools that import env nto a mesh you've already realised that 3ds max is retarded and that this tools isnt working correctly.

So what id like to do is to write a script that generate a file containing the list on off all skinned bones of the vertex weighting data.
Then you can reload the skinning file on a clean mesh and it would add the skin modifier and allthe bones by itself.

Now what id like to know is: is there any other option that you would like to see automated and that i could include in this tool.

Sorry for the bad grammars,ive never been good at typing with an ipad

Jul 10 2013 Anchor

If you could also make a script that would add simpler texture controls, instead of the confusing ones they have now that would be great.

casf01 Rigger / tech artist
Jul 10 2013 Anchor

How are they confusing ? I dont find them hard to use, anyhow its not reaaly related to the skinning tool

I'm done writing the basic parts of the xml saving skin info script.

It looks like:

 <SkinningInfo Vertex_ID="1" Bone_ID="#(49, 24, 48)" Vertex_Weights="#(0.155146, 0.427114, 0.41774)" />
  <SkinningInfo Vertex_ID="2" Bone_ID="#(49, 24, 48)" Vertex_Weights="#(0.400781, 0.316022, 0.283197)" />
  <SkinningInfo Vertex_ID="3" Bone_ID="#(49, 24)" Vertex_Weights="#(0.1, 0.9)" />
  <SkinningInfo Vertex_ID="4" Bone_ID="#(49, 24)" Vertex_Weights="#(0.0, 1.0)" />

I still need to save the list of bone skinned but that should be fairly easy.

The goal of this tool is to allow ppl/modders to easily load and unload skinned mesh/cloth on a character. If you worked in a production you might have noticed to drawbacks of having too many mesh stored inside one scene to help the animators.

The goal here is to able to be able to manage skinned props easily without having to store them inside the current scene.
Again if ppl have request RELATED to this please post

Jul 21 2013 Anchor

Hmm i thought someoone already made a script like this MG_slicer i think does pretty much all of what you state you want here...and its a free open script so even if your still wanting to do that.. its maybe worthwhile checking it out

Instructions for use

Note im not the maker and I salute the mad guru Adnan Hussain for his amazing script.
Should you have a better version then this please let me know.

small update .. the script works in 3ds max 2010 ,however it errors in 2009 as for other versions of max... i dont have them so i cannot test them.

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casf01 Rigger / tech artist
Jul 21 2013 Anchor

Thx or the info but. Thats not what i want to do :) we sometime use a tool like that tho at my job form building quick proxy model

The tool is almost done, All I need to do now is to check the number of vertex on the target model and make sure it either matches or have more vertex than the source model.

After that, I'll insert this into a plug-in, maybe a modifier that auto-collapse to a skin modifier when you load skin from it... idk yet.

and then i'll make it public without any encryption so eveyrone can mess with it and add new stuff if desired.

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