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Jul 20 2013 Anchor

This is my older work. Completely redesigned textures from scratch and updated and optimized geometry for better use.
New textures include every aspect of detail on its separate layer of photoshop file which is also included.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

View in 360 degree:

About me:
I create 3D game assets for game design.

Jul 20 2013 Anchor



Jul 23 2013 Anchor

Nice work from what I can tell. :)

Have you managed to sell much? I'm wondering if making model sets for sale is worth it in the long run if you compare the profit to the amount of time it takes.

Are you listing them on Unity Asset store as well?

Jul 23 2013 Anchor

It's not worth it as a full time job, because it takes sometimes few years to pay off that time.
I mostly do this because I enjoy it, and its barely ok for a side income.

Because I'm contracted with turbosquid, I'm not allowed to sell my work else where for exchange of more % of profits.

casf01 Rigger / tech artist
Jul 23 2013 Anchor

Angryfly wrote: Thanks,
Because I'm contracted with turbosquid, I'm not allowed to sell my work else where for exchange of more % of profits.

wow really? Didn't knew about that :/ can't you leave turbosquid and go elsewhere ? or Once you put your stuff there they kinda "own it" and force you to keep it there !?

Jul 24 2013 Anchor

I think he meant that he has made a contract about getting better percentage (meaning lower transaction fees to the turbosquid site subtracted from the sum) on the condition that he won't list his work on any other site.

Jul 24 2013 Anchor

If I was making a space game,yes

Sep 20 2013 Anchor

I apretiate for all the feed back and apologize for late reply.
shadowflar3 made a perfect reply to casf01.

Its worth to keep the contract with turbosquid as they bring more clients then any other online 3d stores, and they surely earned clients trust with their quality support.

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