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Bravo81 Greenlight Games Ltd
May 1 2013, 12:27pm Anchor

Hi Guys,

The Contract needs a lead programmer for a 3D engine.
We are yet to decide which engine to use, The UDK, CryEngine, SourceEngine, Unity etc..

So, if you are interested we will challenge your skills creating Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes!

Please get in contact, this is a free position aiming to make money from this project!

Thank you,


Greenlight Games Ltd

May 1 2013, 12:41pm Anchor

What exactly is The Contract, do you have a link to the game profile? I can't seem to find it. And how much time/week does the lead programmer need to spend on the project? I'm assuming it isn't a full-time job...

Bravo81 Greenlight Games Ltd
May 1 2013, 1:23pm Anchor

Hi MetalSpy,

The Contract is a Realistic FPS, based on games such as GoldenEye, Max Payne, Splinter Cell & Hitman. Contract killing.
Currently, the ModDB Profile messed up and I'm having trouble contacting anyone who works at ModDB, no one is replying.. But I can't get the profile control.

No, its not a full time job. As much as you can offer would be great!
Heres our website:



Greenlight Games Ltd

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