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Poll: Would you use those in your shooting game? (8 votes)
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Angryfly 3D Artist
May 18 2013, 12:28am Anchor

Trying out alien buildings for more variations.
Went for dark alien scheme for darker scenes.

Please check out and rate the video link below.

View in 360 degree:

About me:
3D Artist for game design and development.

Appreciate for all the feedback.

Please rate the poll,
To break down what I mean, is that would you use those for as a background to populate the world for you mobile shooting game in case if your making one.

May 18 2013, 1:30am Anchor

Definitely useable, though i think the poly counts and texture quality are too high for mobile games and backdrops - I am very much out of date with all smart-related things.

On a less positive note the models look incredibly gamey and are difficult to differentiate.

Angryfly 3D Artist
May 20 2013, 12:09pm Anchor

I created those with mobile shooting games in mind as a background city buildings.
Those come with photoshop file, so the texture size can be reduced.
I agree, they are a little bit high in poly, I guess that kind of limits the use of it.

Jun 24 2013, 1:01pm Anchor

woah i like those your a pretty good designer

Jun 26 2013, 11:34am Anchor

I agree, they have a nice design.


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