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2D Graphics (Forums : 2D Graphics) Closed
Dynamic lighting & 2D games with normal maps from Sprite DLight 2DeeGameArt 2DeeGameArt - read

Nov 22 2014

Concept Art for your project [paid] culpjoe TyDragon - read

Nov 13 2014

[unpaid] Programmer looking for vector artist for ui dudewithparrots dudewithparrots - read

Nov 11 2014

Ben Flores - Concept Artist & Illustrator Available for Work benflores benflores - read

Nov 10 2014

draw 2D pixel character ? Quast bugbytemike - read

Oct 27 2014

Call of Duty: change Menu Images Marcomix Marcomix - read

Oct 26 2014

Looking for 2D artist for space browser game.[UNPAID] dudewithparrots dudewithparrots - read

Oct 23 2014

Illustrator/ concept artist looking for freelance work! MariusJanusonis MariusJanusonis - read

Oct 9 2014

Introduction To 2D Graphics bala32 bala32 - read

Oct 6 2014

Developer seekss 2d Artist for Sprites and GUI work! HighlandGaming DatRoyce - read

Sep 25 2014

looking for a 2d artist NirShalmon gamedev12 - read

Sep 22 2014

Innovative Map-Layering System for 2D RPGs RollPlayGames RollPlayGames - read

Sep 14 2014

Horror Concept Artist Looking to Help accelerant12 DanaosC - read

Sep 9 2014

Looking for artist for simple puzzle game to be launched on the Wii U. (offering share of units sold) lonernoob lonernoob - read

Sep 6 2014

Concept Artist, who likes biscuits. DwarfBiscuit DwarfBiscuit - read

Sep 5 2014

Concept Artist and Illustrator Available for Hire Rian_Trost DanaosC - read

Sep 5 2014

In search of concept artist, looking for work shanghai.hustle gamedev12 - read

Sep 5 2014

2D Game Backgrounds needed (unpaid) Henerz360 Henerz360 - read

Aug 22 2014

Seeking Devs for a potential Kickstarter XZeroX001 XZeroX001 - read

Aug 12 2014

[Unpaid or Profit Share] Need Graphic Artist! can2x can2x - read

Aug 7 2014

[Portfolio] Designer for Mobile games available Giappone Giappone - read

Aug 2 2014

2D Artist Needed for Harvest Game! shayl jabb - read

Jul 25 2014

2d Artist needed [unpaid] Esaucm98 Esaucm98 - read

Jul 14 2014

freelance illustrator/ concept artist looking for work! DosisArt DosisArt - read

Jul 12 2014

Concept artist, illustrator and general game artist available for work! AnnaHollinrake ProjectHelp - read

Jul 9 2014


Consider yourself an artist, and 2D graphics is your realm? Then share all from sprites and textures to concept art. To read or place a job ad, try here.