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This week William and Thomas discuss the L4D info from PAX; This weeks TF2 updates; Cooldiradical; Synergy’s City 7 support and autosaves; Resistance & Liberation’s Carentan Causeway video and Strider Mountains release date.

Posted by William on Sep 8th, 2009

Episode #47 Resistance and Liberation

Thomas returns as Emanuel and William touch upon some missed point of Provenance. Also we get a chance to look at some of the more obscure russian releases. Finally, we are able to check out some awesome media updates.

RnL_Ardennes The Jockey

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Podcast 17

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Ryswick17 Sep 9 2009, 1:43am says:

i helped :3


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~Mapster(WFc) Sep 9 2009, 1:47am says:

As far as i can see there is no apology for Dec1234.

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DELTΔ Sep 9 2009, 3:10am replied:

haha true they owe him one too

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Swaggletooth Sep 9 2009, 5:16am replied:

As if they need to apologize at all, Dec is a massive douche who got the comments he deserved. Seriously, no one should be above criticism.

It's just a shame they cut those comments out of the previous show :P

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jstoner Sep 9 2009, 6:51am replied:

citicism? you sound just like the guys of podcast 17. the didn't do research before hand, and therefore should not be trying to give criticism.

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Swaggletooth Sep 9 2009, 9:02am buried:


Maybe you should "do some research" about what was actually said, instead of reiterating a statement first made by Dec1234. Oh yeah, and learn how to spell XD

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Minuit Sep 9 2009, 10:22am replied:

Nobody owes Dec an apology. Just because you might be a fan of his mod, doesn't mean you have to be blind to any shortcomings he may have.

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jstoner Sep 9 2009, 12:14pm replied:

i need to learn to spell because i missed one letter? grow up.

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Dec1234 Sep 9 2009, 1:03pm replied:

I'm not asking for an apology but no need to insult me behind me back. As if I would not come here.

@SaxonSwine: At least I do not go round insulting people for no reason, I do not even know who you are.

Stupid Troll.

And FYI, it had all be sorted. It was not criticism to me that I was angry about. It was the lack of research they did, it has been sorted now. So do not stick your nose in places were you are not wanted. Especially if you do not know the facts and have nothing better to do than insult someone.

I will be on P17 next week were they can have a proper look at my mod and I can answer questions on the spot for them. I am NOT looking for any apology.

@Minuit: You think that this is about being a fan of the mod? I had people I had never before seen comment come on the page and say the same thing. Shows how much you know about this. You just sit in the background on pages not near my mod using the same "nerd rage" insult to everyone about me and fans of the mod. My shortcomings are nothing to do with any of this what has happened. People are mad and I gave my reasons. So please get your facts straight before trying to bring this up or further the argument that wants to be left.

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Minuit Sep 9 2009, 9:45pm replied:

Just because you hadn't seen them before, didn't mean they weren't fans of your mod (of which I have no problem with. It seems you think I do for some strange reason?)

It's simply a fact that a lot of your fans "rose up" against Podcast 17 because you believed to have been wronged by the hosts, regardless of whether it should be an issue for the fans.

If you really cared about ending the argument, you'd also address the guys saying you need apologising to as well. Just because they're agreeing with you, doesn't mean it isn't carrying on the argument and can be ignored. That would be double standards (including claiming that Saxon is sticking his nose where it's not wanted, while some of your fans were doing the exact same thing).

On top of that, a blanket reply of "Get your facts straight" doesn't really prove or disprove anything. If you re-read my post you'll see it's leaning towards objectivity. Just because I don't agree with you, doesn't mean I agree with what the PC17 hosts did/said. That's something you need to learn.

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Swaggletooth Sep 10 2009, 5:21am replied:

Dec I'm not "insulting you for no reason", you obviously have talent when it comes to making a mod; but you do have a serious problem in dealing with criticism.

What I take offense to is how you always kick up such a massive stink whenever you recieve any criticism. Why do you always think you're so above such criticism? If you don't like the criticism then deal with maturely, don't dismiss it out of hand by repeatedly saying "you haven't done research about my mod". I've seen you use that excuse so often now it really lacks weight.

Oh, and believe me, I know the facts about this matter. If I wanted to troll people, I could post sarcastic comments on any one of the millions of boring zombie mods here on MODDB. Oh wait...

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Dec1234 Sep 10 2009, 8:45am replied:

No point replying to both of you so I will do it here:

@Minuit: Yes well I am not stupid. I had posts like "Wow, never seen this mod, looks cool. Shame they said all that stuff and didn't do research on the mod". That DOES sound like a fan to me! Nice work!

And are you saying I need to apologise to P17? Because I already have. And my fans were not sticking there nose in. I asked on my audio clip to have everyone tell me what they think. Were on this podcast does it ask Trolls like Saxon to come in, call me a douche and bring something up that was left in the past. People who are fans of the mod who bring it up are also being stupid. But they are not insulting me for no reason.

And then in your last paragraph i have no idea what you are talking about. Your facts were wrong in saying that all these people were doing it because they were a fan. You were wrong. I don't want you to agree or disagree I just don't want you commenting with stuff you know NOTHING about.

@SaxonSwine: My talents are nothing to do with this. You called me a "Douche" for no reason. THAT IS AN INSULT. And how many times do i have to explain that this is not about criticism of the mod...

The podcast criticised my choice in weapons saying they were useless because they could not see a use for them. If they had known that they did, they would not have said anything. They spent most of the time talking about my choice in music... That is not criticism of the mod. So it really shows know much of this you know about! Sounds to me like you are jumping on the bandwagon and just taking shots at me without even hearing the podcast or me version before I deleted it. And again; it was not criticism it was insults. There is a difference and i had a right to stand up for myself.

Basically you do not know the facts about this matter. You just made yourself look stupid by claiming you do. And are you now taking a shot at my mod too? Because I could say stuff about your mod too.

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Minuit Sep 10 2009, 9:46am replied:

No Dec, I think you misunderstood my post... again. As I explained, I'm neither on your side or PC17's side. It is possible to not agree with you while not being "nasty" to you, you know.

A quote from one person who hasn't seen your mod isn't really "proof" that a lot of your fans got involved for the sake of it. It's proof that one person hadn't heard of your mod and got involved.

Lastly, I'm not quite sure where this secret inside-knowledge can be found about "the facts": as far as I was aware, "the facts" could be found by listening to PC17, listening to your rebuttal fully, reading the comments on the deleted PC17 page (I actually have an archive of them) and reading the comments on the page of your deleted rebuttal. Therefore, I have just as much of "the facts" as everyone else who came to your defence.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Sep 10 2009, 11:04am replied:

@Munuit: And i think you need to read mine. I did not say yo uwere on any side. As i have said may times. The stuff between me and P17 has all been sorted. There are NO sides anymore. I am trying to justify why I did not retaliate due to criticism, but because I was insulted. And how i did not try to get my fans to hate P17, i wanted people to listen to my side before juding my mod.

Also you just admitted you do not know the facts. You said you read everything from the P17 page. Somewere that I was not involved with replying much to. But on my page i had a massive descriptions explaining why I made my points and how it was ALL about the lack of research and insultin g my taste in my music, rarther than reviewing my mod.

I did not want people to come to my defence, I wanted to hear peoples thoughts on what they said about me. I said this MANY times in my audio clip and mod page. I did not mean for my fans to act like that, hence why I apologised to P17 and we put this behind us. Clearly you cant understand that things can be sorted and people can be forgiven. Probably why you still had a hissy fit at PottehUK after he admitted it was all a joke.

Lastly, I notice how this is me defending myself against two people on the same mod team. You and Saxon.

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Minuit Sep 10 2009, 11:16am replied:

Again, you've tried to make it all about yourself, thinking I was accusing you of rallying your fans against you, accusing me (predictably once again, I might add) of "not knowing the facts", simply because I actually bothered to look at all 3 sides of the argument: Yours (your rebuttal and comment), Podcast 17's (their show and subsequent comments, including the ones you mentioned in your post about your massive descriptions) and your fans/not fans (before you decide that I'm saying every fan of yours attacked them) That is not the case. You seem to be developing some kind of victim complex here, Dec. And my "hissy fit" (not quite the word I'd use, as I was in a pretty good mood when I wrote it) against Potteh is neither here nor there. Maybe it was all a joke and you can't take it or understand it.

Lastly, the fact that I have worked with Saxon is pretty much nothing to do with... Anything? I'm not quite sure what the implication is there, other than you thinking somehow the mod team (of which I don't officially consider myself a part of, I might add) is rallying against you. That was an extremely bizarre thing to say.

At the end of day, as one modder to another, we're BOTH going to face criticism at some stage or another (I've received some quite harsh stuff myself). You choose how you want to deal with it, but quite frankly making a big song and dance about it all is the wrong thing to do (and no, I'm not necessarily referring to your video rebuttal).

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Dec1234 Sep 10 2009, 11:24am replied:

Well it is hard to keep an argument going with 2 people. When they are both on the same mod team and both seem to comment at the same time it does seem very odd and not at all bizarre for me to point out.

And do I have to mention again that this whole thing is over? Because it looks like I do. My main point is that I am nothing to do with my fans. This whole thing needs to be left alone and I know that if I reply you and Saxon will just continue to reply. It is too hard to keep this argument straight when I am up against two people.

I did not try to make this about me. But you did by replying back to ME. Just remember these:
The argument is over.
I will be on P17 next week.
None of this was ever about criticism towards me.
I did not want people to hate P17.
I did not request people to come and spam here.

Maybe some of what I said was wrong I apologise if it was. Would be better if this was just left now because I have better things to do than argue.

Thanks! :)

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Swaggletooth Sep 10 2009, 9:56am replied:

Reread my post please Dec, I made my points pretty clearly (though you seem to miss them). Calm down and stop being such a knee jerk reactionary.

I wasn't going to bring the points up in question raised by PC17, I was commenting more generally about your attitude towards the modding community: the way you scorn your own fans in that post pretty much says everything about you, and as your MODDB page shows it isn't the first time you've acted dismissively towards people commenting on the mod (be it rabid fan nerds or people offering constructive criticism).

+4 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Sep 10 2009, 11:17am replied:

@SaxonSwine: I am not being knee jerky or whatever. You insulted me for no reason, that is my point and it is not adressed in your post.

You claim I can not take criticism because I got angry when people insulted me? Insults are not criticism, they are insults. And I scorn my own fans? What... I told people who are fans to leave the whole situation alone. If they ignore this and keep saying crap like "p17 sucks ***" then yes they are stupid. That is not me having an attitude to fans. That is my saying what i think of people who do not listen.

And then you talk about me saying stuff to people on my moddb page? To idiots and people who offer constructive criticism? Someone saying "u should have rubber chicken weapon" and me replying badly is not criticism. It is someone saying stupid things on my mod page which I can reply how I want. Please find me a quote of my moddb page to back up that I ignore criticism from people. If someone offers me criticism without reading my FAQ then I can also respond how I want after asking them to read it. Get some proof first as opposed to just saying I am horrible to people. After all I am not the one who just calls someone a douche for no reason, especially having never spoke to them before.

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Potteh Sep 12 2009, 5:56am replied:

Minuit you're absolutely correct.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Sep 12 2009, 8:58am replied:

Maybe yeah!

Like he was about you! :D

This dude is gooooood!

-2 votes     reply to comment
Potteh Sep 12 2009, 9:43am replied:

He was right about a character that was made up by you? You sound like a 9 year old school girl with your comments, it's so embarrassing reading them. Do you bookmark these pages because you're afraid of getting insults or constructive criticism and can't take the heat then for you to edit peoples pages then clame that it's a mistake?

Sorry Dec did I tell people what you did? Oh I think I did.

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Dec1234 Sep 12 2009, 10:14am replied:

I invented "PottehUK" ? Wow man you are such a mess. You admitted last night that he is really you, I just thought you a mate and I was wrong! I may have problems taking insults, but you are worse. I do NOT have problems taking criticism so long as people have done a little research to give me a chance to explain myself.

And I am a 9yr old school girl? OK! I am not the one who cries when someone bullied him over the internet like you tried to do to me. "Dec now you see how it feels. Hurts Right?" Well actually not really haha. Last night was hilarious.

I do not have this bookmarked, I just browse back here to finish an argument with a psychopath. And that whole editing thing was a mistake. I am not forcing people to believe that but it was a mistake and so long as I know that, then I am happy with it. I apologised to P17, Henley and many other people after what I did. If I did it to attack them then I would not have apologised.

If you have something to say to me personally, please use the Personal Message system.


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Potteh Sep 12 2009, 10:45am replied:

"If I did it to attack them then I would not have apologised." Technically if it was a deliberate attack you wouldn't apolagise anyway, that logic is hilarious.

All I hear in your comments is crying and moaning no correct logic and intelligence at all it's quite shameful really it is. It stuns me to a stand still at how you cannot defend yourself, like "last night" when you brought someone to the conversation because you couldn't defend yourself. Also, to point out to a fair few, he deleted a comment I made on his profile because what I said was the truth, oh and Dec, a lot of people saw it so don't worry.

A mistake on editing someones work, oh my that sounds plausable doesn't it. "Haha!"

Heh if you actually think the reason I acted like I did because someone insulted me over the internet then you're more foolish than I thought to begin with.

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Dec1234 Sep 12 2009, 10:52am replied:

Actually you mentioned him in the conversation, he had all the right to come in and justify himself. Well my logic may be wrong but it was a mistake and that is that. I don't really care what you think, hence why didn't care AT ALL when you came to try make me upset that you were supposedly never my friend. And I did think you did it because someone hurt you. I think this because YOU told me hahahhaha. You also claimed you got death threats from Christians on your moddb profile... LOL.

The comment was deleted because it was something for the Personal Message system. Message me on there if you wish to get a full response!

So yeah as opposed to me carrying on this I will stop the argument here, if you want a proper argument, please use the PM system. Lets stop making a mess of this P17 post thanks.

Thank you. :D

-1 votes     reply to comment
Potteh Sep 12 2009, 10:58am replied:

"Lets stop making a mess of this P17 " Says the guy who defaced their page right?

Ohh so you think that the death threats are fake? Funny I still have them in my PM though right? So what's stopping me from screen-grabbing right? Nothing at all. You see this all you do Dec, you laugh in peoples face. Yes everyone, all your comments you make for whether they're good or bad he'll laugh at you.

No the comment was removed because you can't take the heat as per usual.

Stop the argument, like you did last night you mean? By running off? :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Sep 12 2009, 11:56am replied:

Yeah dude. Like I said it was a mistake, so I do not want to hurt there page again!

And the amount of stuff you lied about to me, I do not believe anything. Some of your lies along the line include:
- I have the power over the admins, I can say what I want on moddb and get away with it all because they are scared of me.
- If I wanted I could use a MYSQL Injector to destroy moddb in hours!
- I can turn your electricity off in your house because I can hack the power stations.
- I am a hacker and can take down any website.

The list of lies goes on, but I will not post them here as they get more and more personal. And yes the majority of comments I laugh at? You do not even know me in real life, how can you possible know this? What an odd thing to say!

And the comment was removed because it should be a PM. You deleted ALL comments on your profile and set it to private to run away from it all yourself. So deleting comments that should be personal messages are not wrong.

And I ran off? Actually I have better things to do in my life like talk to a low life liar who is a mess of a person who is just trying to slag me off for no reason and claim I made you a horrible person haha. I had my FRIEND Ryan round so we were gaming. I capitalised "friend" as a point that you have NONE.

So you can say what you want. Ok I am running off, but see I do not care about it! I'm going to have fun, make my mod and apologise to those I may have hurt. While you sit there thinking you are good but really you are just going to end up with no friends again.

Thanks and please Personal Message me because i do not wish to discuss any more of this here.

-1 votes     reply to comment
Potteh Sep 12 2009, 12:14pm replied:

Sorry you're talking? I assumed when you said I'm stopping the argument you would stop right? I guess you're a hypocrite too for telling me to PM you now yet you reply? Awesome.

You are aware what you just accused me of is some serious accusations? If you don't have proof of this then you sir are in a lot of trouble.

I chose to hide my profile for professional reasons something you lack of sir. You have better things to do than talk to me? So why are you talking to me now then clearly if you have better things to do then you would be doing them right now instead of talking to me. I have a spare shovel in my garage, I'll lend you it to help dig the hole faster.

You claim you don't care about things, yet you must care in order to keep firing it back at me, if you didn't care then you wouldn't respond to me. Let people view the comment on your profile, if you're not bothered that is.

No I won't personal message you, I want everyone to see what you are.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Sep 12 2009, 3:23pm replied:

Ok cool man!

Message me then! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Potteh Sep 13 2009, 4:56am replied:

"No I won't personal message you, I want everyone to see what you are."

0 votes     reply to comment
Dec1234 Sep 13 2009, 10:39am replied:

Haha awesome.

Well actually anything bad I do, or the way I act is actually a big joke.

I may make a blog about it on my profile before making it private. Ill name it "Joker is bested" to be original!

Haahahahaha! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
ÐiamonÐ Sep 13 2009, 2:08pm replied:

Funny how you are the only one laughing.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Potteh Sep 13 2009, 4:34pm replied:

Indeed he is.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Editor321 Sep 9 2009, 10:44am replied:

The matter has already been dealt with off screen, we are not going to be addressing it any further. Please stay on topic.

+4 votes     reply to comment
William Author
William Sep 9 2009, 11:15am replied:

We will be having Dec on the show this week (Sunday the 13th) we decided to hold off until then.

+3 votes   reply to comment
dafatcat Sep 11 2009, 1:20am replied:

Dec is a ********

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dec1234 Sep 11 2009, 2:27am replied:

Coming from one of Moddb's biggest spammers/trolls. I am not surprised.

+1 vote     reply to comment
sappy_nirv_bg Sep 9 2009, 5:58am says:

An image and a page which shows it's pretty easy to make a mirror, you still can,t see the player's reflection.

+2 votes     reply to comment
William Author
William Sep 9 2009, 11:17am replied:

Very cool thanks for the link!

+1 vote   reply to comment
hate4uall Sep 9 2009, 6:07am says:

Podcast 17 is such a waste of time

-1 votes     reply to comment
Minuit Sep 9 2009, 9:33am replied:

"In fact you could say I have... Hate? 4 u all?"

-2 votes     reply to comment
hogan_skoll Sep 9 2009, 7:41am says:

I hope its not like punkbuster whatsoever - that is a baddd idea - I do NOT like programs that like to add to my allready too large number of processes to filter through and murder.

+3 votes     reply to comment
SnakeTheFox Sep 9 2009, 2:06pm says:

Children, if you do not calm down I will stop this car and we will turn around and go home.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bluehawk Sep 9 2009, 4:27pm says:

"Twenty five minutes is too long!"

This podcast is 59 minutes lol

0 votes     reply to comment
William Author
William Sep 9 2009, 8:43pm replied:

Haha! I was thinking of that when I said that, but we are podcast. Our media is an audio file - if people don't like that they will go elsewhere (which is fine). For a mod - I dunno people don't really expect to get their information from an audio file. Know what I mean? I hate to be hypocritical though.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Bluehawk Sep 14 2009, 10:50pm replied:

Haha, I know, I was just joking.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Editor321 Sep 9 2009, 8:56pm replied:

Few sit down in front of a podcast solely for information to be delivered quickly. A podcast is like going out to eat. You could find all the juicy information on your own super fast with little work and time, or you can go out and pick up the podcast experience package complete with atmosphere and quirky hosts.

0 votes     reply to comment
Stubby Sep 9 2009, 9:46pm says:

I Hope SO is coming on this week, seeing as they're releasing this sunday.

+1 vote     reply to comment
William Author
William Sep 9 2009, 11:08pm replied:

No unfortunately not. We have Mortewood Plaza this week, then Empires, then Stider Mountain.

+1 vote   reply to comment
death5421 Sep 10 2009, 12:40am says:

i dont know why, but garrys mod is so damned fun :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
TyeTheCzar Sep 13 2009, 9:55pm says:

I've hated Synergy because of its bugs and lack of community map support compared to Sven Co-op.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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