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After rounding out the best of 2007, we're ready to present the results.

Posted by stenchy on Jan 28th, 2008 Page 2 of 4    
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Unreleased Mods

A honorable mention is due to the mod Black Mesa which continues to poll extremely strongly year after year, but misses out on a place in the top 5 because you cannot win a spot in the best unreleased category twice.

5. Operation Black Mesa - Prepare to go back to Black Mesa... again. Operation Black Mesa is an extended re-creation of the popular Half Life add-on, Opposing Force. You'll once again be strapping on the boots of Corporal Adrian Shepard as you make your way through the revamped and albeit highly detailed Black Mesa Research Facility. Additionally, the team plans to add new areas and enemies to the fray so this unofficial redux has more to look forward to than just eye candy. It looks to be a promising effort from team behind Operation Black Mesa, which is why players chose it as there number five spot for unreleased mod of the year.

Friendly fire - Warehouse Friendly fire - Warehouse

Operation Black Mesa Exclusive 1 Operation Black Mesa Exclusive 2

4. Mechwarrior: Living Legends - Looking at this mod makes one wonder, who doesn't like robots? The MechWarrior: Living Legends team hopes to satisfy your thirst for robotic destruction on wide open environments and look good while doing it. So far, the updates have been fast and furious, showing a number of fancy mechs armed to the teeth. Of most interest are the videos like the one below which show some of the environments where battles will take place. If MechWarrior is sure to take full advantage of all the features the CryEngine 2 has to offer, this mod won't be a disappointment. Players voted MechWarrior: Living Legends number four for unreleased mod of the year.

Clan BloodAsp Battlemech Game ready model of the Inner Sphere Catapult

3. Barney's Tales - Did I say we were done with the Black Mesa Research Facility? Well, we aren't. This time you will be dressed in security apparel as you play the role of the infamous Barney from the Half Life series. Barney's Tales (formerly Blue Shift: Source) is an unofficial remake of the the last expansion pack release for the aging Half Life 1. This remake is expected to focus more on realism, using real-world US Army soldiers as a reference. Drivable vehicles are also planned. Together with other projects being developed out there, it looks like we'll be able to play through the original series all over again in the Source engine sometime in the future. To add to the lavishly detailed media they've already released, the folks over at Barney's Tales have put together an exclusive video sneak peak for us which you can look at below. Barney's Tales comes in at number 3 for unreleased mod of the year.

Human Grunt HECU Soldier

2. Jurassic Park - Jurassic Park the movie is one that sticks in the minds of many. It set a new standard and brought terrifying monsters to life on the silver screen; creatures that, long ago, actually existed. The Jurassic Park mod team has set out with the aim to capture the same magic that both the movie and book encapsulated and bring it to the CryEngine 2. In the mod, players will be put into the shoes of Dr. Alan Grant, paleontologist extaordinaire, as you make your journey to get off the island. Few games out there have been able to pull off dinosaurs convincingly so the team has their work cut out for them. However, from the concepts and renders provided so far, they have gained a lot of interest and seem to be off to a good start. As a treat, we have a first look at a fully textured Velociraptor for your perusal further down. Fans obviously can't get enough dinos and that's why Jurassic Park is the number two unreleased mod of the year.

T-rex Break Out Jeep Wrangler YJ - Update

1. Zombie Panic: Source - A zombie outbreak has made your town, with the exception of a select few, void of any life. All that remains are the undead and you, along with a few other survivors, have to fight them off with whatever means possible. What do you do? Do you stick together or fan out and search for ammo? The premise behind Zombie Panic is simple: survival. While the mod is available to download now, (it was unreleased before voting had begun, therefore in the unreleased category) it was quite apparent throughout development that this project would be one out of the many zombie survival mods out there to deliver the goods. Stunning visuals, eerie music and top-notch voice work help make the paranoia seem just a little bit too real. The more weaponry you pick up, the more you slow down- making you an easy target to munch on. The further a round progresses, the deeper the feeling of desperation sets in as you run thin on ammunition and the undead grow in numbers. Whether you're running away from the shambling hordes or hunting for players to tear limb from limb Zombie Panic delivers on all fronts. If you want a quick peek at the gameplay, check out the exclusive trailer below. Players hungered for a taste of Zombie Panic, more than any other mod, which is why it was voted as the number one unreleased mod of the year.

Survivor01 Zombie03 Zombie02

Haunted Haunted Church
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mikejkelley Jan 30 2008, 9:12am buried:


"And this Award show is just as legal as donations so take a deep breath and spend all this wasted energy on making your mod worth playing, instead of trying to discredit modders and their work."

Accepting donations for a copyright-infringing mod certainly wouldn't be legal.

Further, if simply stating facts (such as "this mod is a licensing rip-off") discredits a mod, than it certainly isn't any of my doing, but the fault of the modders themselves and their IP thievery. Similarly, if I were to say, "Zombie Panic Source essentially tricked users for votes prior to their release" is it my fault that you're reputation suffers, or your own?

MOTY 2007. Farce.

-6 votes     reply to comment
Tatsur0 Jan 30 2008, 2:35pm replied:

That's called "slander" making up false accusations either based off rumor or out of spite and only proves that you're quite bitter. Again why waste ours and your time when you could be doing something productive or is it you're incredibly insecure and are lashing out as a means to vent or justify your insecurities?

+1 vote     reply to comment
CargoCult Jan 30 2008, 3:43pm replied:

He's trolling, just ignore him.

+1 vote     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 30 2008, 9:06pm replied:

So posting facts is trolling now, is it? Lol, I feel like I'm in a Twilight Zone ep where stealing is good and up is down and truth is bad...

-4 votes     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 30 2008, 9:01pm replied:

That's called "fact". I have it on good authority from the owner of the website, whose post at the top of this page I'm paraphrasing. In case your scroll button is broken I'll repost INtense!'s comment for you. You can go and accuse him of "slander" and being "bitter".

"Also a number of members alerted us to them essentially tricking users for votes prior to their release."

(BTW, your crazy, baseless accusation of "slander" will sound more officious if you use the proper term "libel". That's a present from me to you)

Since being angry about people profiting from theft and cheating is certainly justifiable, making inane accusations regarding me being "bitter" or "insecure" is a fairly transparent ploy to try and distract everyone from the fact that you cheated.

-4 votes     reply to comment
Tatsur0 Jan 31 2008, 1:12am replied:

I can't prevent people from making false accusations. And I see nothing wrong with INtense or ModDB investigating said false accusations. But it doesn't change the fact that they are false accusations. So get your "facts" straight :) I have no problem saying that Intense used the wrong sentence in replying to those comments. Your trolling isn't gonna make your mod any better :/


+2 votes     reply to comment
sickre Jan 30 2008, 4:14am replied:

Insurgency doesn't have tanks or planes.

+2 votes     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 30 2008, 4:21am replied:

My mistake. Boy is my face red.

-3 votes     reply to comment
Domipheus Jan 30 2008, 6:28am replied:

I voted you up, you have over-generalised quite a bit, but what I do agree with is that it is a shame the #2 unreleased mod (and it's high-quality content) will never-ever see the light of day.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Forceflow Jan 30 2008, 3:13am says:

Congratulations to all the participants ! Some surprises in the unreleased category for me (never thought Barney's Tales and Operation Black Mesa would score so high), and I do miss Fortress Forever and/or Dystopia in the main category.

Awesome video editing too, I like the music !

+2 votes     reply to comment
sickre Jan 30 2008, 4:13am says:

When does the next part come out? (Editors?)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Arkanj3l Jan 30 2008, 6:47am says:

It's a sold selection of mods, but there is too much of the same for my taste. Editor's choice, I'll be waiting.

-1 votes     reply to comment
popsUlfr Jan 30 2008, 7:10am says:

Congratulation, you pretty much deserve it all ! ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Death_Grin Jan 30 2008, 10:35am says:

other then JP who is infringing on copyright?

0 votes     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 30 2008, 9:26pm buried:


Operation Black Mesa
Mechwarrior: Living Legneds
Barney's Tales
Jurassic Park
BSG: Beyond the Red Line

-5 votes     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 30 2008, 9:31pm replied:

Almost forgot, MINERVA.

-3 votes     reply to comment
xcriminalx Jan 31 2008, 12:18am replied:

Hey you may want to do some research before you show your complete ignorance and call modders theives. For example, MechWarrior: Living Legends actual has a non-commerical liscense. Did you care to research it before posting nonsense? I don't think so

Now stop tossing the accusations around.

+5 votes     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 31 2008, 2:58am replied:

Did you care to read my earlier posts before posting nonsense? I don't think so...

Cut and paste from an earlier post;

"And even if you got in writing it still wouldn't change the fact that you're capitalizing on the hard work of hundreds of highly paid professionals, their advertising campaign, and the inherent popularity of HL2. All reasons why I suggested there be an "originality" category for non-IP infringing mods."

In my initial post I refer to Mechwarrior as a "Liscensing rip-off" which I didn't necessarily mean as synonymous with "illegal liscensing rip-off", but rather wanted to drive home the point that it's not original and that you are relying on the 20+ years of hard work by others who have made the Battletech IP popular to help secure your position.

Kudos on getting the non-commercial license though, that sets you apart from 99% of the other "Licensing rip-offs".

-2 votes     reply to comment
Domipheus Jan 31 2008, 6:04am replied:

I honestly see where mikejkelley is coming from. Yes he is going way over the top, but in essence he is annoyed that so many of the top mods are those which take materials from previous games/films.

There is a difference between taking inspiration, and basing a mod off something else. For instance, Wheels of war takes inspiration from Carmageddon singleplayer - but no where in the mod will you see 'max damage' and his vehicles. Everything in the mod is concieved from scratch with no prior art(s) to work from. Of course, this is in addition to gameplay changes; it is not a port or copy afterall. It allows us to experiment. It allows us to make mistakes. It allows us to do what the modding scene intended and evolve something new.

In the same way, I do not think the modding scene should be populated with mods that take a previous IP, and just spice up the graphics. As you point out MWLL has permission to use previous works which is great (and 100% should have been done), but, when it comes down to it, it's a recreation of work already done (If you have new gameplay elements i'd be glad to hear them, unfortunately I never got into MechWarrior heavily so dont know). Also, the ability to use a trademark in a mods name is not something I want to see adopted as a whole; the PR value within that one item is way more important than the content of the mod, unfortunately.

Probably more than my 2 cents, but what I am trying to say is that it is understandable some people are angry about this outcome. It's tough being a modder (especially on new engines with the assets required), trying to get something original is harder than ever and its a shame some are being pushed over by those who have already got a headstart on concepts.

+4 votes     reply to comment
INtense! Jan 31 2008, 1:44am replied:

Plus because the HL remakes are on the source engine, Valve have clearly shown their support for such mods and therefore these are not illegal rips either.

That leaves only one mod Jurassic park which at this stage is simply a proof of concept and therefore in interesting territory. I don't know the full background situation there, however i'm sure they are aware of their situation and it is something we will monitor.

Your main beef is that this list seemingly lacks originality. I agree with you to an extent regarding this, i.e. it does feel like there is a war and remakes theme, but the winners Insurgency, BTRL and ZPS are all amazing pieces of work, as are the runners up irrespective of this fact.

The best we can do each year, is look at what has happened in the past and learn from that. This year it seems there is a need for an "originality category" for the mods that truly try something totally different, and that is a theme we will look to integrate into future award programs.

+5 votes     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 31 2008, 3:18am replied:

I'm certainly disappointed (to varying degree) in the lack of originality, it either speaks very poorly of what we are capable of as the modding community or what the mod playing community desires, but my biggest beef is with the teams who profit from theft (i.e. anyone who doesn't have it in writing) or cheat (which in previous years was grounds for automatic disqualification).

I'm very happy to hear that is considering adding an originality category and hope that it will result in the community returning to its' roots and doing what it does best; innovate!

Thnx for putting up with me, lol!

0 votes     reply to comment
Tatsur0 Jan 31 2008, 3:29am replied:

"Cheat" Which was investigated and proven not to be the case. :) Thank you INtense! for the support and clearing these accusations :)


0 votes     reply to comment
Namron Jan 30 2008, 11:03am says:

[Whine alert!] Insurgency is high quality, but to be honest the gameplay is basically DoD with other models and maps. I don't understand the talk about "guerilla tactics or convential warfare" - it's about rushing and respawning in waves. Besides, I'm sure CoD4 have the whole "semi-realism in a modern setting yet not strictly Counter-Strike-ish"-genre pretty much covered already.

Im my opinion mods are about originality and that's why Empires should have won (and because it's a great mod of course).

+5 votes     reply to comment
MCDT Jan 30 2008, 11:19am replied:

Agreed! It´s actually not about graphics, it´s about ideas and gameplay.

+5 votes     reply to comment
jamsoup Jan 30 2008, 11:20am says:

to be fair editors choice is where the innovative and original mods normally shine, players are obviously going to vote more for a mod they find fun than one they find original, and if thats saying that most players are narrow minded and shallow id probably agree, but that doesnt mean innovative and original mods dont get any credit

+2 votes     reply to comment
Argyll Jan 30 2008, 11:38am says:

Thanks to all who voted for Insurgency! It's nice to see years of hard work and building all from scratch to pay off in this way. :)

Congrats to all other mods too!

+1 vote     reply to comment
budmaloney Jan 30 2008, 11:45am says:

Fantastic year, soo many gr8 mods soo little time.
Congratulations to everyone from the Project Isolate team

+2 votes     reply to comment
VulpineComplex Jan 30 2008, 12:41pm says:


Well, congrats.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Warlord_Zsinj Jan 30 2008, 2:20pm says:

I must say; I think it's time the MotY introduced clear categories for genres. All of these mods are deserving, but it's getting a little tiring seeing FPS's once again clean out the awards. If other genres are to get the spotlight, there needs to be a number of genre-based categories.

+3 votes     reply to comment
MCDT Jan 30 2008, 2:28pm replied:

Good point.

+1 vote     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 31 2008, 3:20am replied:

MOTY 2006 was much better in this sense.

-2 votes     reply to comment
Tatsur0 Jan 31 2008, 7:37am replied:

The reason this has always been a problem is that you want games that have no user base or community interest winning awards cause they got 3 votes and no one else cared to vote for anything but games they actual play and enjoy. Some variety couldn't hurt but you're always gonna argue "well my game is special" For example when we created Zombie Panic we were a unique and original mod then more and more zombie mods came out and while I love this cause I'm a fan of survival horror games our original idea is all of a sudden "another zombie mod" lol. And how do you decide what genre is what? I mean most people arguing over genre/variety in awards are pretty much your standard FPS HL2/UT2k4 mod with some gimmick like cellshading and cheesy hand to hand combat action. It's not a new genre its just done differently like every single FPS out there can claim. Sounds like an impossible task to split everything up and still be fair and have mods actually work for their awards. Rather than pleasing a small group of ppl. This year was a good year and I am quite happy with the results. Player choice should be that Player choice. Though I guess if possible some categories like

Players Choice Released/Unreleased (majority rule)-
Editors Choice (want to hear from the staff)-

but at the same time not dilute things. Categories need to be pretty open to allow enough competition in for the awards to matter.


+1 vote     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 31 2008, 9:47pm replied:

Wow, you rly are quite transparent. There really is no point in arguing that your mod, a Source generation zombie mod, is or was ever unique. Quit kidding yourself, ZP:S is not responsible for the popularity of the many many

-3 votes     reply to comment
mikejkelley Jan 31 2008, 10:27pm replied:

So you're still angry that I called your MOD, ZOMBIE Panic Source a ZOMBIE MOD, huh? Wow. There really is no point in arguing that your mod, a Source generation zombie mod in the well established horror survival genre, is all that original. No one believes it. Nor does anyone believe, as you seem to imply, that ZP:S is responsible for the seemingly viral outbreak of the popularity of Zombie Mods.

In fact, since there are so many zombie mods and they wind up winning every year, I'll meet you half-way and suggest that there be a zombie mod category.

"I mean most people arguing over genre/variety in awards are pretty much your standard FPS HL2/UT2k4 mod with some gimmick like cellshading and cheesy hand to hand combat action."

Lol, "most people", huh? That's funny, because there's only ONE mod I know of that fits that description (aside from gimmicky and cheesy). If you really want to specify which mod you're trying to defame, add "an original story-line, concept, characters, and design work". That RLY narrows it down, lol.

-1 votes     reply to comment
Tatsur0 Feb 1 2008, 1:11am replied:

No I don't mind that you call my ZOMBIE MOD a "zombie mod" as I stated previously. That's exactly what it is... Why would anyone be insulted by this? As for Zombie Panic being original and unique we were one of the first ever MP Zombie game/mods released and the first ever to introduce player controlled zombies. We have moved to source and just recently released our mod for the 2nd time, but that doesn't make our work any less original when it was ours to begin with whether or not others imitated the work. They Hunger, Zombie Panic, NMRiH, and D.E.A.D all got an early start and are the reason "Zombie Mods" are popular and are themselves quite original for when they started no one knew much of anything about Zombie Games besides a few classics. Something to be proud of and a rather sad attempt at an insult lol.

"In fact, since there are so many zombie mods and they wind up winning every year"
Seriously atleast research before you open your mouth, Zombie Panic: Source is the first ever Zombie mod to win one of these awards thus far and seriously there are hardly that many Zombie mods. Headcrab alien controlling a dead corpse is not a "Zombie Mod" that would be a"Science Fiction Mod".

I can't help that no one is interested in your mod, and just cause you call it "original" haven't read/seen anything original but not my point, doesn't mean its fun. Your mod is visually unappealing and sounds extremely boring. Unlike you I won't pretend to be the voice of everyone (which obviously you're not hehe) but I will say that you're making a fool of yourself by trolling. Should be proud of the work these modders have done, the time they spent on their mods when they could have been spending the time with their families, out with friends, or just relaxing. For some modding is a hobby, others a chance to get their foot in the door. You've already been corrected for falsely accusing 2 mods of "cheating" and/or breaking copyright laws. Stick your foot in it.


+1 vote     reply to comment
rofl106 Feb 1 2008, 8:07am replied:

"Headcrab alien controlling a dead corpse is not a "Zombie Mod" that would be a 'Science Fiction Mod'"

Umm... sorry, but in essence it is a zombie mod, it fits the "zombie" stereotype in every single way except conception. The zombieness outways the unzombieness (i like making up words :P)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Tatsur0 Feb 1 2008, 9:51am replied:

This is true but I had to try :/ Though I find aliens a tad more creepy <.< >.>

+1 vote     reply to comment
mikejkelley Feb 5 2008, 11:21pm replied:

Wow, you've managed a level of ridiculousness...

"As for Zombie Panic being original and unique we were one of the first ever MP Zombie game/mods released and the first ever to introduce player controlled zombies."

So playing as the bad guys is a new concept, huh?

"the reason "Zombie Mods" are popular and are themselves quite original for when they started no one knew much of anything about Zombie Games besides a few classics."

So you're saying no one knew about Zombie Games except for the knowing about the extremely, platinum-selling, classically popular Zombie Games?

um, ok...

Why do you care that I've pointed out the obvious, that your mod is unoriginal? The idea was to point out the need for an originality category, not as a personal attack. If you were ever truly concerned about originality, you wouldn't have made a zombie mod.

"Unlike you I won't pretend to be the voice of everyone (which obviously you're not hehe)"

No, but in recent polls it seems an overwhelming majority would like to see more original mods. And I didn't even have to trick anyone to get those numbers.

-1 votes     reply to comment
Tatsur0 Feb 1 2008, 1:16am replied:

Remember unpopular doesn't mean it's original, it just means... it's unpopular. I was sad to see however no Unreleased Indie game category this year as I was looking forward to Chris's "The Hunted Chronicles" which is really shaping up nicely. Need more voters to vote on multiple categories so quality Indie games like his don't get over looked.


+1 vote     reply to comment
Tatsur0 Feb 1 2008, 1:51am replied:

I'm going to finish with this and be done commenting in this section.

Modders make-

1. Tributes to our favorite games and/or movies.
2. Additional story lines or parallel worlds to games/movies we enjoyed.
3. Simulations of real world conflicts which might be popular but doesn't mean its been done the same way before.
4. Unique and semi-original worlds from our own imagination.
5. Whatever we want to make.

For the most part we do this for ourselves but we also do it for the community and for no profit. Our mods are free to all but ourselves where we spend money maintaining our sites, forums, servers, etc and spend our weekends and free time after school/work to create something we want to play. We're grateful for those that support us and sites like ModDB that let our hard work shine. We didn't create these mods to win prizes and when we do it doesn't make our work any less valuable. I'm not a fan of Commercial title remakes but no one but the copyright holders have any say in this.

To all ModDB award winners since 2002 great work and congradulations! To all those mods who have never won an award. I look forward to playing your games and hope you enjoy mine, goodluck in 2008! Don't let anyone discourage you from creating your perfect world or in my case perfect nightmare.

Brian "Tatsur0" Comer
ZP Co-Founder/Lead Developer

+1 vote     reply to comment
One_Winged_Angel Jan 30 2008, 5:30pm says:

Congrats to all the winners, especially Red Alert: A Path Beyond. The w3d engine used for C&C Renegade lives on!

It's a shame that we didn't get an unreleased indie game category but I guess that's how it goes eh. This year could you please put up statistics of how many votes each mod/indie game got please? I was looking for it last year but it never appeared.

[url= Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising[/url]

+2 votes     reply to comment
Karuto Jan 30 2008, 5:50pm says:

Congratulations everyone!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Clypp Jan 30 2008, 11:52pm says:

Project Reality gets #2 slot for the second year running. Keeping the streak alive!

I think that FPS games get all the top awards is for several reasons. Lots of people play them and thus vote for them. More people mod these games because in general they are quite moddable, you need models, skins and some python along with a vision of course.

Great mods all around though. I have a few I want to try now. So long as everyone tries Project Reality of course. This is not vanilla BF2, this is tactical combat on an unprecedented scale(except for OFP, ArmA and JO of course).

+1 vote     reply to comment
Darklord42 Jan 31 2008, 2:41pm says:

Out of intense curiosity. Shouldn't the editor's choice awards have been released within the same day as the player's choice awards? Is there any new information regarding this as to why the delay?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kai-Li Jan 31 2008, 6:41pm says:

yawn ... want the editor's choice showcase. ;)

+4 votes     reply to comment
Darklord42 Jan 31 2008, 7:18pm replied:

that would be nice

+2 votes     reply to comment
Domipheus Feb 1 2008, 5:01am replied:

It would indeed, wonder what is taking so long :o

+2 votes     reply to comment
Tssha Jan 31 2008, 7:55pm says:

This was an amazing feature. Truly, it puts a lot of television features to shame with the quality of production. Let the subject matter speak for itself. Don't detract from it. Two rules often forgotten by modern producers, but not forgotten here. Great work ModDB.

My hearty congratulations to the winners too. I've got a lot of new games to check out now, and it'll take a while to try them all out.

I also gotta say, I look forward to a lot of the upcoming mods featured here. Living Legends, you guys have produced one of the most amazing level scapes I have ever seen. It was...beautiful. Simply...wondrous...

Jurassic Park team, you guys definitely picked a subject matter that commands my immediate attention. Your work looks amazing, and when you release your mod I may just have to pick up a copy of Crysis. ;) I can't wait to explore Isla Nublar...I just hope I survive it.

There's a lot of hard work on display here, hard work and talent. It's amazing that so many people will work on projects such as this, enriching the lives of modern gamers with countless hours spent creating such amazing games, for little to no compensation. Your accomplishments are only topped by your ambition, and you elevate us all with your works. Congrats folks.

+6 votes     reply to comment
rofl106 Jan 31 2008, 10:34pm says:

From the Tremulous narative: the player can choose from 2 unique factions ALIENS OR MARINES!!! LOL

+5 votes     reply to comment
GarcianSmith Feb 1 2008, 2:25pm replied:

Aliens or HUMANS. It was far more vague =/

+3 votes     reply to comment
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