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Courtney Day takes sometime to do an interview with modDB. Shes made her appearance in the upcoming game Street Racing Syndicate, and at the Electronic Entertainment Expo!

Posted by MasterChopChop on Jul 22nd, 2003

Courtney Day, one of the hottest car models modeling today has recentl done some modeling for the upcoming racing game Street Racing Syndicate, by 3DO. She also made an appearance at E3, as a boothbabe. I was able to contact her and do an interview with her last month. I hope you all enjoy this interview; I went through some trouble trying to get this up!

[page=Courtney in SRS]
When 3DO contacted you, asking if you could model for their game titled "Street Racing Syndicate," what was your reaction for modeling for a video game?

That was kinda weird. I was like "thats cool, its different." It was kinda crazy.

What can we expect from you in the game?

I am one of the flagger girls. The players also get to recieve emails from me and other girls saying stuff like "Hey i saw you race, maybe we can meet up or something!." There are also dance contests you can see me in. You can also talk to me and some other models in the game too.

Did you think it was neat seeing yourself in a 3d perspective? Did they do a good job?

It was neat, weird, all at the same time. When we saw the models in the demo game, we were all out of proportion at first, like our faces were small and our bodies were big. It looked kinda like ogres. The other models and i were pretty worried; they eventually told us that it was only test stuff so, they weren't gonna show us like that in the finished game! I think they did a good job though, after i saw the finished models.

In your other interview i read on IGN, you said dancing infront of the green screen was hard. Why is that?

I would say, not dancing in general, we had to waear a little bathing suit. There were also bright lights shining on me so it started to get really hot. It was also hard because i had to look at the camera most of time.

Feature Image

Have you had a chance to play Street Racing Syndicate yet? How do you like it?

I had a little chance to play. I was supposed to be getting people to try out the game. On the last day i managed to sneak in and try some of the game out. The graphics look very realistic. The Santa Monica Blvd looked just like it does in real life! The game was pretty fun too, i managed to drift my car in it, which made me so proud!

What did you think of E3?

E3 was awesome. It was my first time and I was amazed. I can't believe how big it was! Everyone I met was all so nice and working the SRS Booth was a lot of fun too.

Feature Image

What was your biggest memory from the event, taking a picture with me?

Of course! Actually i would say playing a game i was in, it was way crazy.

Do you think you will model for video games again?

Hopefully! The guys making Street Racing Syndicate were bankrupt! Hopefully if i am able to model in another game, and be in it, it'll be more financially secure.

[page=Courtney at Her Best]
Are things going well with work and school?

Pretty well, summer just started, pretty excited! Work is picking up, i just started modeling at the end of last year so im getting the hang of it now.

What is your best moment in life you could think of?

I'm not sure, I would say graduating high school like other people. I can't really say anything else besides meeting my boyfriend.

Well you know whats coming now. Life has been hard on everyone. Everyone has hd their ups and downs. What are some of your major hardships you've faced in life?

Well my dad died when i was four and our family had to move out of our home. We moved like 7 times, then i had a friend's family that i stayed with for a while.

I'm sorry, I'm sure things have gotten a lot better haven't they? You currently have a boyfriend, Travis. How'd you guys meet?

Ramona is a small town. It was just kinda a random kinda deal.

Travis got you into modeling right? How'd he do that?

When I met him, i didn't have a car or a license. He was in the truck and import scene so i went to a few shows with him. People asked if i could take pictures with them and such. Travis thought i should get into the business. He's been very supportive for me.

Feature Image

Did he get you into cars as well, or have you already been interested in cars?

Yeah, he got me into cars. I didn't really get to appreciate cars until i went to the shows often.

Were you ever expecting to be a car model?

No when i was younger, i actually wanted to do modeling, like all the other girls, but i never expected to be in the car scene. I didn't really know there was a car scene until later.

How long have you been modelling?

9 months now.

How does it feel to be publicly known?

Kinda weird. Being at the shows was ok since I'm expecting people to come to me, but when i'm just at the groceries store, someone comes up to me and goes "congratulations being on the cover of import tuner Courtney!" and i really don't know what to say.

I took a quick glimpse of your fan club, it seems like you have tons of people writing to you It must get hard reading so many posts! What are your thoughts about it?

I know! It's crazy. When the fan club was first set up, there were only a few people, but then it just went boom! People started joining like crazy. Its hard to be able to write to so many people. Its very cool though.

Yeah, the group seems very supportive.

How much longer do you plan on being in the car scene.

I don't want to remain in this genre of modeling my whole career. I want to venture off into fashion and glamour. Bigger and better things ya know? In a sense though, I'll always be around because I was in the show scene before modeling. I have my own team too so even if I'm not modeling, I still might be showing my car at a show with the team and stuff.

It seems like a lot of people impersonate you. What do you think of this?

I don't understand! It's ridiculous. If the people are doing it for dating, it doesn't make sense. Why do you have to lie about your appearance?

How did you like being on the cover of the June edition of Import Tuner?

That was phenomenal. I was so excited when Jason called me, he told me to come up to L.A for an interview. He said there were a few other girls, so i assumed i wasn't gonna get picked. When i got into the office, he tricked me! I found out i was the only girl. So i was very happy and excited about that.

What do you like most about what you do?

Meeting all the different people, and getting to travel.

Do you play video games when you have the chance? If so, whats your favorite game?

I don't play any video games. I still own my original Nintendo. If I play, I'll play stuff like Super Mario 3 and Rc Pro AM.

It's summer time! Have you gone anywhere yet, or are you planning on going anywhere for vacation?

I went to Hawaii with Travis and his family, it was really fun!

I saw your old eclipse, what exactly happened to it?

My old eclipse was totalled. The day after my Import Tuner shoot, it was raining pretty hard and I was driving on a windy road. I guess I was going a bit too fast because I began sliding and then over corrected. This put my car straight down into a ditch wrapped around a telephone pole. It was pretty ugly. Both airbags blew immediately and all my windows were blown out. I had to be carried out. Kinda scary, had to do the whole ambulance thing but luckily got out of the whole mess with minor back injurys. I just recently purchased my newer Eclipse - A Silver 99 GS and plan to have bigger and better mods.

I see. You just recently purchased a new eclipse right? What are the major differences between your old one and your current one? Do you like this one better?

A 95 GS and 99 GS aren't much different. My new one is just a lot cleaner, lower miles, and unfortunately, an auto. But that is ok I guess because now I can get remote-start. I never really had a chance to put more mods on the other car, so hopefully this one will actually show my style a bit better.

What kind of parts do you have so far?

So far just some clear smoked tail lights, I just got it and I haven't had any time for anything else. I have sponsors that are working on getting me a lot of aftermarket parts so we'll see.

What do you like to do on your free time?

I never really had freetime for a while because of school and work, but its summer now, and I'm trying to catch up. I'm starting to get back to it so maybe I'll hit up the river this summer.

Do you work out often?

Haha , NO. Not at all, I am soo lazy. Good genes I guess. I know it can catch up to me so eventually I am going to have to start a workout program of some sort.

Feature Image

You just moved into a new house, how do you like it?

It is sweet! Very nice and big. We are a lot closer to everything so the driving isn't as bad and the weather is cooler too!

What kind of music do you like? Any specific bands or artists?

Anything really. Hip Hop, Rap, kinda R & B, some punk and emo punk.

What kind of movies are you interested in?

I like comedies and scary movies. I don't know, it depends on what the movie is about. I like all kinds of different ones.

Is your hair naturally blond?

Um kinda sorta. It's a sandy blonde naturally. But i do get highlights and stuff.

What would you like to see in a guy?

I'd like to definitely say, is a good personality. Sharp jawline, strong back, and muscles.

What wouldn't you wanna see in a guy?

Old creepy men scare the crap out of me. Some old guys come up to me, and I'm like, "I'm too young for you!" and some of them have families too! eww.

If you could have three things, what would they be?

I would like a nice healthy happy family, of course you would have to have money to take care of your healthy happy family, and the third thing... I don't know, you need money for this but maybe a winter house in either tahoe or Mammoth or a summer house in Hawaii!

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview! you can find more information about Courtney at herhomepage. For more information on Street Racing Syndicate, visit here. Also, Courtney is in the latest Maxim magazine, for one of the uptown girls for San Diego, be sure to vote for her!

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BlueWolf72 Jul 24 2003 says:

be nice and say "I would pamper you silly". But, congrats on the interview and she rocks!

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INtense! Staff
INtense! Jul 24 2003 says:

is she one good looking lady, and sweet too! good to see the interviews been about more than just mods, and i am happy to read about a gaming booth babe anyday ;)

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intelligentsia Jul 24 2003 says:

Fine.....nuff said.

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Easy now lads!

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Darkness Apr 3 2004 says:

/me is in love


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Guest May 18 2004 says:

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BigBird Jun 27 2004 says:

never realised this interview was here

liek :o woop woop :D

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Scarfaces|Boomstick Sep 17 2004 says:

You people are amazingly shallow sure shes a beautiful woman but all the"DAMN"'s and the "SHES FINE!" are really just not needed, the same applies for CounterStrike players and their gender issue

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