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This article shows up all units for the axis faction, including all new units playable in Blitzkrieg MOD.

Posted by Xalibur on Feb 22nd, 2009

PionierHeavy PionierMotorcycleVW SchwimmwagenOpel Blitz

New unit: Heavy Pioneer

Heavy pioneers can be build within the defensive doctrine. They are able to build heavy emplacements like the 88mm gun and the leFH18 artillery gun.
Special Abilitys: -

New unit: VW Schwimmwagen

This new unit has a slightly better armour than the motorcycle.
Special Abilitys: -

New unit: Opel Blitz

This truck is versatile for fast and large troop transports.
Special Abilitys: -


New unit: Recon Unit

1 men unit that enhances the line of sight
Special Abilitys: Recon

New unit: Tank Hunters

Tank Hunters are well trained anti tank troops, equipped with 2 deadly Panzerschrecks.
Special Abilitys: At ambush

New unit: Tank Crew (MP feature only)

Without a Tank Crew tanks will not drive or shoot anymore. The crew gains experience and VET`s and gives enhancements and new abilities to the occupied tank. When a tank gets shot down, with a chance the tank crew will survive, so you can get it back to hq to man a new tank!
Special Abilitys: Enhancing aura for nearby tanks

New unit: 120mm Mortar Team

The deadly 120mm mortar shell arries about 10kg of explosive. The damage caused by a 120mm mortar impact can be compared with an 105mm artillery shell.
Special Abilitys: none

New unit: Panzer IV Ausf. F

Early production Panzer IV equipped with the 75mm KwK 37 with low penetration power
Special Abilitys: Rapid Fire Position

Now Buildable: StuH (Sturmhaubitze)

The StuH can fire a 105mm leFh barrage towards enemy lines. It is based upon the StuG IV chasis.
Special Abilitys: Artillery Barrage

Now Buildable: Tiger

One of the most feared tanks of WW2 the tiger is an excellent tank, capable of taking out nearly every enemy tank with it`s powerfull 88mm KwK36.
Special Abilitys: VET dependent

Now Buildable: Tiger II (KingTiger)

Expensive but mighty the KingTiger strikes fear into the hearts of it`s enemys. His 88mm KwK43 was the most powerfull tank gun seen in WW2. It can penetrate the front armour of all enemy tanks at any ranges!
Special Abilitys: VET dependent

New unit: Tank Commander (MP feature only)

The Tank Commander will spur excellence to the tank crew when garrisoned in a tank. The tank will get bonuses in reloading times, line of sight and received accuracy.
Special Abilitys: Enhancing aura for nearby tanks

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Comrade-Alucard Feb 23 2009 says:

Well actually the IS-2 had a 122mm D25-T had a more powerfull tank gun ;) but that's just details. Good job looking very much forward to the next version of this mod.

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Dark_Tiger Apr 14 2009 replied:

bout the IS-2's gun it was not more powerfull then the kings gun for the simple fact the Russians didnt have any decent AP rounds for the gun.

So ths IS-2 was use more and and inf support tank in urban areas

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cammanderWho Sep 27 2009 replied:

well the thing is: they used he rounds against all enemy tanks because it would crack the armor and fragment inside the tank but the surefire way of winning is good anti tank rounds leading to the kt's superiority

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P3ACE753 Jun 18 2010 replied:

The Russian 122mm didnt have the high velocity of the 88mm and the rounds of the 122mm werent as "high tech" as the 88mm.

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cod1933 Jul 27 2011 replied:

you are wrong

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NotMe! Feb 23 2009 says:

Tiger 2 got most powerfull gun...Even that its shell was smaller than russians 122

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Xalibur Author
Xalibur Feb 23 2009 replied:

...yes agreed, compare the penetration powers:


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Shadowmetroid Feb 23 2009 replied:

ah, so the Germans had the better ammunition...

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GFX_Doombringer Feb 24 2009 replied:

yes they had, and the Fact that the KT can get smaller Ammo on Higher Speed.

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Kaze_Ostheer Oct 12 2009 says:

GFX_Doombringer can you help me install the blitzkrieg mod pls????

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suvicze Sep 21 2010 says:

Hmm what about add upgrade for KT gun. It has 88mm normally but it can be eq. with 10,5cm gun which can be even much better :-)(WoT source)
Well its true IS-2 gun is less powerfull but is-2 is nothing more than IS with 122mm gun :-) Add IS-7 and KT will be nothing more than crap :-D

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