Unity is a multiplatform game development tool, designed from the start to ease creation. A fully integrated professional application, Unity just happens to contain the most powerful engine this side of a million dollars.

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Jul 16th, 2014 2 people agree 3 people don't

The Pro version costs money? What the hell? I'm gonna pirate this engine till it DIES! Free Open Source Software FTW!

HobbyPsychopath says
1 HobbyPsychopath

Jun 9th, 2013 5 people agree 7 people don't

Terrible engine.

AntoG4 says
1 AntoG4

Sep 30th, 2014

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extenzicek says
1 extenzicek

Nov 16th, 2013

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Cyb3r says
1 Cyb3r

May 19th, 2013

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hydexon says
1 hydexon

May 12th, 2013

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General_Cornwaffle says
1 General_Cornwaffle

Jan 29th, 2013

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vol4ok says
1 vol4ok

Dec 14th, 2012

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GreenDeveloper says
1 GreenDeveloper

Dec 24th, 2011

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stewiekern says
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Oct 7th, 2010

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