Unity is a multiplatform game development tool, designed from the start to ease creation. A fully integrated professional application, Unity just happens to contain the most powerful engine this side of a million dollars.

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Great engine, easy WYSIWYG-editor, great scripting capabilities, and I've yet to find a single engine that suits me more than unity, and I'm even using the free version without all the major awesomeness in it.

Out of all the engines i've tried (including DarkBasic Pro, Shiva3D, UDK, Cryengine, just to name a few) this is the only one where I'm actually able to make the stuff I'm thinking of making without constantly being held back by the engine itself.

Having all the features that other engines have, plus making it as easy to use it as possible and keeping the frame-rate high even in the low performance devices, plus single click publish to all platforms! Well that's 10/10 for me.

For me unity has been the perfect game engine. I am a .net developer so being able to make games in c# is a big point. In 'Mammoth Gravity Battles' I was most interested in the graphics capabilities, and was very happy to be easily able to edit shaders and control effects. There is some debate as to if Unity can compete with AAA game engines, but for my needs, I was able to achieve better visuals than I imagined.

I can't comment on the physics engine, in 'Mammoth Gravity Battles' I control all the physics in code, from what I can see it looks very capable.

The main advantage with Unity is the reasonable license costs to get going and the wide platform support - being able to target iOS, Android, Blackberry, OUYA, PC, Mac, Linux is a real plus. Windows 8 RT and Mobile coming soon too...

One thing to we aware of, if your game has any GUI at all you will need to buy one of the GUI packages from the internal asset store (aprox 100usd), as the internal GUI is currently not capable enough.

Although, I didn't need them, real-time shadows requires the pro version, which gets more expensive if you are on multiple platforms. I think the prices are very reasonable given the lack of royalties, but its worth planing for. It is great that you can use the free version to build for PC, Mac or Web, which is definitely the way to go if you are starting - build the game, if you get it to a near finished state, start to pay for the platform add-ons and capabilities you need.

Overall, for me in the building of 'Mammoth Gravity Battles', unity has been completely ideal.

Easy to learn and awesome features. Also powerful, mainly for indie developers.

Not enough tutorials for beginners

This engine was used to create such epic games like Slender or Insert Title Here (that seriously is the name of it, xD ). It has been manipulated in various ways to get different results, with Slender: The Arrival being my most awaited of them all.
Anyways, this engine has a lot of potential to become as big as Unreal Engine in the future (or not xp ). Or maybe close to RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine).
To close this review up, I give this engine a well deserved 10 out of 10.
(P.S. Insert Title Here is really epic, play it)
(Oh yeah, so is Slender: The arrival (its not free, but u can pre-order and get the beta version which kicks ***) ).
YOLO (oops, this isnt 2k12)


I really love this game engine ! The only think it really misses is a Linux editor to create games on Linux !

Nice Game Engine.. When I grow up and had a job with a cool PC I will definitely buy this engine.

Unity is the future for the portability games! <3<3<3

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