The Source Engine is a 3D game engine developed by Valve Corporation. Its unique features include a large degree of modularity and flexibility, an artist-driven, shader-based renderer, accurate lip sync and facial expression technology, and a powerful, efficient and completely network-enabled physics system.

The Source engine was first shown to the world by being the power-horse behind the hugely anticipated Half-Life 2 which was released in late 2004. Since then the Source Engine has been upgraded with the release of such titles as Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, Team Fortress 2 and the Left 4 Dead series to name a few.

Whilst it has been years since the release of the Source Engine they haven't yet unveiled a 'next-generation engine' as the Source engine is always updating and is just as relevant in the gaming world today if not more than when it debuted in 2004. It has been aided by the release of the free Source Development Kit (SDK) which include such features as HDR for developers to use in their projects. Hence the reasons stated we have yet to see 'Source Engine 2'.

On July 10th 2012, Valve released the 'Source Filmmaker' - a freeware client to allowed anyone to make movies inside the Source Engine. More information on the Source Filmmaker can be found here.

Below you can find a list of amazing features that the Source Engine boasts:


  • Version 2.0 (and below) shaders, bump mapping, LOD on models and world
  • Author shaders with HLSL
  • Cube and environment mapping
  • Dynamic lights, vertex lighting and light maps, many light types including flickering, pulsing etc.
  • High-Dynamic Range lighting
  • Water with refraction and fresnel effects
  • Advanced particle system that can emit sprites or models
  • Projected shadows allow for a large number of characters per scene
  • Occluder entities for visibility blocking
  • Indoor/Outdoor environments
  • Deformable terrain
  • 3D skyboxes extend the horizon and add parallax on distant objects
  • Dynamically rendered organics (grass, trees etc)
  • Subdivision surfaces, diffuse & specular bump maps
  • Real-time radiosity lighting
  • Effects include but are not limited to: particles, beams, volumetric smoke, sparks, blood, environmental effects like fog and rain
  • Scalability
  • Dx6-Dx9 hardware supported

Materials System

  • Instead of traditional textures, Source defines sets of materials that specify what the object is made from and the texture used for that object. A material specifies how an object will fracture when broken, what it will sound like when broken or dragged across another surface, and what that object’s mass and buoyancy are. This system is much more flexible than other texture only based systems.
  • Materials can interact with objects or NPCs such as mud or ice for vehicles to slide/lose traction on.

Multiplayer Network Code

  • Time and gamer tested by millions of gamers around the world
  • Support for both LAN based multiplayer and Internet based multiplayer games
  • Prediction analysis for interpolating collision/hit detection
  • Optimizations for high-latency, high-packet loss 56k connections

Advanced Characters

  • Detailed and believable characters
  • Realistic eyes
  • Focus on player/object, not simply parallel views
  • Proper eye “bulge” for realistic eye reflections
  • Simulated musculature provides outstanding emotions, speech and body language
  • Language independent speech, characters can naturally speak in many languages
  • Skeletal/bone system for animation
  • Layered animation system can synthesize complex animations out of several pieces
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2 comments by jamieb452 on Apr 7th, 2015

The Road to Steam

This update comes quite late, you might wonder why we decided to announce this rather 'old' achievement, if you've followed us on our FaceBook page you'd already know that we've been Greenlit.
However we felt that we didn't have enough to show off so we waited a while to post this announcement.

Now to the big topic, now that we've gotten our project on Steam we will push forward making sure this game sees the light of dawn!


Steamwork's gives us many unique possibilities to immerse our players more and allowing high competition!

We're going to maximize our extent of Steamworks, featuring:
* Stats - Levels, XP, Skill Points, etc... Will be saved Globally and can be loaded on any server if the owner permits this!
* Workshop Support
* Inventory - Throughout the game you will find items which will go into your inventory, if the server permits storing of stats then unique items you find will be stored in your inventory, you may then upgrade them / use them to upgrade a weapon which must be done in the main menu (when not playing), however you first need a backpack to enable this feature, backpacks can be found in the game as well!
* Achievements - We will feature many different Achievements to please Achievement Hunters. Some may even give you XP.
* Leaderboards - Making certain gamemodes competitive will definitely make this feature boost your motivation to get yourself to the top.

Platforms we will support:
* Windows
* Linux
* Mac

* Classic/Story - The old classic mode will become more story driven, both humans and zombies will have a story to follow. Level designers can easily add their own missions in the maps which enables high flexibility and dynamic gameplay. There will be a Journal GUI which stores all your missions(quests). Both Main/Side quests. On completing a quest you will be granted XP and you will progress in the map which may be one part of a big chapter. You can also fail quests which may lead you to big work arounds to progress further in the map.

* Survival - This is a pure deathmatch styled mode where everyone is for himself, you need to play strategically, the main goal is to Survive a round. If all the humans turn into Zombies the round will end. To maintain a good score you must both kill and find items.

* Arena - This is a team survival styled mode where you can only play as a human, you will fight against waves of different types of zombies. After X waves a boss will come and the difficulty will gradually increase for every wave. (Gladiator styled) If you die you will have to wait X sec to respawn and you will decrease the amount of reinforcements left, when the reinforcements run out no one will be able to respawn. So when everyone is dead you lose the match.
At the beginning of an Arena match you will be 'gearing' up in an armory. You can choose any weapon if you meet the level requirement. (The highest level player in your game will scale the npcs to match his performance, which means if you have a bunch of low levels + one high level it will be much harder!)

* Quarantine (WIP) - You will be put into multiple teams of both humans and zombies. Then there will be an A.I sweeper team of special forces who're sent to neutralize everyone and everything. It will be chaotic and you will face many threats. This will be an hardcore survival mode. (Still under construction)

* The Skill System is available in every gamemode.
* You will be able to open a GUI menu to see an overview of your character + his/her skills,XP, inventory and quests. The quests is global which means you see the same stuff as everyone else.
* You can design your own survivor (female/male) in the main menu, similar to Fallout 3. You may change your characters appearance, clothing, etc...
* There's convars to disable the stats loading and inventory functions for those who want less Arcadish gameplay.
* You may filter the servers in the server browser by Level, meaning the servers will inform you if it has an average player count of high or low level players. IF you're a low level you would want to join a server with equal players in order to progress and have more fun. Vice versa for high leveled players.
* There is no cap on the level, however you can only spend 50 talent points (1 point per level) after that each level will just increase your base stats slightly. (WIP)
* There will be a unique skill tree for zombies, which means you can choose to play only as a zombie if you'd prefer that. (Survival and Arena will not let you play as a Zombie only)


Closed Beta
In one to three weeks we will start giving out 5 keys every Friday on our FaceBook page, these keys can be activated through Steam which will give you access to the current version of BrainBread 2!
Keep your eyes open and you may get lucky!
Why 5 keys every Friday? Because we need more testers and gradually getting more people to play would hopefully give some necessary feedback.

We're always looking for bright minds and positive folks to fill our ranks.
If you're interested in joining us please check this link[]!

Until next time, stay awesome!
~ Reperio Studios

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NinjaDuck Dec 31 2008, 9:55am says:

Well, you can get SDK by doing this: Steam>View>Tools>Source SDK

+1 vote     reply to comment
kramersize Nov 9 2008, 10:21pm says:

Source is the best, Lets develope some blue tooth tech or something so we can put on sensors on our bodies and be able to move in Gmod or maybe any source game, I am interested in making Gmod vids and think it would be fun to be able to pose and move the characteres with my own movement.

+2 votes     reply to comment
pfannkuchen_gesicht Dec 3 2008, 12:15pm replied:

have you heard something about the WiiMod?

0 votes     reply to comment
Nokiaman Jan 21 2009, 7:33am replied:

Wiimote is very sucky

+2 votes     reply to comment
zuriknet Sep 15 2008, 3:02pm says:

I can't say enough or too much. I LOVE the video. If a doctor could classify what is happening I wounder if it would be classified as a disease of the mind or a virus. I would have to say that either way the video is true.

I love Source, and can't wait to see what is in store next.

+1 vote     reply to comment
mokies Aug 7 2008, 4:41am says:

Anybody knows when will be the release of HL2:EP3?

It's kinda long I guess... it's the last of HL2. Then another story will come again...

+3 votes     reply to comment
jacko1121 Jul 17 2008, 3:36pm says:

Source is one of the better engines out there, to me even better then the unreal engine just because the amount of detail.

+3 votes     reply to comment
leilei Jul 25 2008, 6:43pm buried:


any engine can be 'detailed' too if you had a texture artist with a camera and a sharpen filter.

-8 votes     reply to comment
Soviet529 Sep 25 2008, 7:20pm replied:

you obviously don't know much about making games.

+3 votes     reply to comment
GisleAune Jul 4 2008, 3:26pm says:

Source is the best game engine EVER!!!!!

The bump mapping is GREAT, the capabilities is GREAT!!!!

keep up your good work on HL2 EP3

+5 votes     reply to comment
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Even tho it is aging and it is beginning to show its weakness comparred to other more modern engines, it is still my most preferred engine and the only one I was able to get into succesfully. And with all of the updates Valve is giving it, I think the source engine will be with us for a long time. I wouldn't really recommend this for a commerical product, just because there are so many more modern engines out there that will be a lot easier in the long run (like UDK), but all of the commercial games…

Nov 16 2010, 3:48pm by Half_Kill

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