ShiVa3D is the developers’ tool of choice for easily creating amazing 3D real-time applications and games for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, Android, iPad, Wii and Palm webOS. It is a powerful development platform for creators of 3D real-time applications and games and enables creators to quickly bring high-quality content to market. ShiVa3D has a strong support team behind it that is responsive, creative and experienced in game development on all platforms. The company continues to add additional support for new and emerging platforms under a single licence strategy and extends ShiVa3D’s functionality to continually meet the needs of its more than 36,000 licensed developers.

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Non Flying Soldiers
Non Flying Soldiers

85% - Non Flying Soldiers Indie

1 year ago Released Nov 7, 2012 Single Player Turn Based Strategy

Hey, soldier! Are you ready to face 45 missions packed with dangerous obstacles? Nothing an experienced soldier like you can't deal with: electric saws...

Rage Runner
Rage Runner

88% - Rage Runner Indie

7 months ago Released Mar 30, 2013 Single Player Arcade

Rage Runner is a fast paced 3D runner that will challenge your memory and your reflexes. Blast through miles of trench in the H-C-S Penetrator (the ship...

Fork Truck Challenge
Fork Truck Challenge

74% - Fork Truck Challenge Indie

5 months ago Released Sep 3, 2013 Single Player Realistic Sim

Ever wanted to drive a fork truck? Lift heavy weight with mighty machine? Then this game is for you. Challenge yourself by performing quick and accurate...

Musclecar Online
Musclecar Online

67% - Musclecar Online Indie

1 year ago Released Jun 19, 2013 Multiplayer Racing

Massively multiplayer online racing game. Race against the ghost recordings of your friends and players from around the world. Design and share your own...


76% - SlideTapPop Indie

1 year ago Released Jun 2, 2013 Single Player Family

SlideTapPop brings you the fun of old school puzzle action with a touch of modern magic. With its awesome "Wrap Around" controls, you will interact with...

Región Muerta
Región Muerta

100% - Región Muerta Indie

1 year ago Released Jun 24, 2012 Single Player Third Person Shooter

You are a soldier and many zombis try to kill you. You need get points for buy new weapons and ammo for it, without the new weapons, you can not survive...


95% - Brukkon Indie

1 year ago Released Dec 12, 2009 Single Player Family

Brukkon is a 3D puzzle game where the player has to guide a little robot to its spare parts by moving platforms and steering the robot. The game has 30...

Crusade Of Destiny
Crusade Of Destiny

85% - Crusade Of Destiny Indie

3 years ago Released Sep 30, 2009 Single Player Role Playing

The first ever true full scale 3D RPG for Android, Palm WebOS, iPhone and iPod Touch, created using ShiVa3D. In a time of magic and dragons, become the...


90% - Chromasphere Indie

9 months ago Released Feb 20, 2012 Single Player Arcade

ChromaSphere is a full 3D action/arcade game with a hint of puzzle for Android 2.1+ devices (others to follow). Using the accelerometer/gyro of your phone...

Total Pursuit
Total Pursuit

80% - Total Pursuit Indie

1 day ago Released May 8, 2014 Single Player Arcade

Total Pursuit is an arcade-style chasing game. Made of fully original assets, it's a mix of 3D art and pixel-art, remiding retro games.

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Total Pursuit
Total Pursuit Indie Single Player Arcade
Fork Truck Challenge
Fork Truck Challenge Indie Single Player Realistic Sim
Rage Runner
Rage Runner Indie Single Player Arcade
Arc Indie Single & Co-op Arcade
Chromasphere Indie Single Player Arcade
Bad Drone
Bad Drone Indie Single Player Arcade
Musclecar Online
Musclecar Online Indie Multiplayer Racing
Non Flying Soldiers
Non Flying Soldiers Indie Single Player Turn Based Strategy
AniTower Indie Single Player Tower Defense
the Big Wheels
the Big Wheels Indie Single & Multiplayer Racing
Invertium Indie Single Player Platformer
Road Rage Crash
Road Rage Crash Indie Single Player Racing
Friendly Forest
Friendly Forest Indie Single Player Family
SlideTapPop Indie Single Player Family
Ampersand Indie Single Player Racing