ShiVa3D is the developers’ tool of choice for easily creating amazing 3D real-time applications and games for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, Android, iPad, Wii and Palm webOS. It is a powerful development platform for creators of 3D real-time applications and games and enables creators to quickly bring high-quality content to market. ShiVa3D has a strong support team behind it that is responsive, creative and experienced in game development on all platforms. The company continues to add additional support for new and emerging platforms under a single licence strategy and extends ShiVa3D’s functionality to continually meet the needs of its more than 36,000 licensed developers.

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Final look of the models and art
Join The Pack

Final look of the models and art

Jan 22, 2015 Join The Pack Article 1 comment

This is the state of the final art ,the project entered the last step of development.

Steering behaviours
Join The Pack

Steering behaviours

Oct 13, 2014 Join The Pack Article 0 comments

Introduction to steering behaviours used in Join the Pack.

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