Make your RPG with simple operation! "RPG MAKER VX" is a software that enables you to create your original role playing game without any special knowledge. The process is very simple. First, create a map which becomes the stage of your adventure. Secondly, setup the hero, monsters, items, magic, etc,all the things you need to play the RPG. Finally you can complete your very own RPG by creating the events and placing them around the map.


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I like this

WeeGee9000 says
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The only bad thing about this engine is that Rpg Maker XP had a lot better tilesets, other than that, this thing is brilliant!
Nice features, its very easy to use, but you will never know how the event/trigger functions work without a video tutorial.

Traslogan says
9 Traslogan

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The engine allows simple and classical RPG games to be created, allowing a perfect gateway into game-design for beginners. It is a worthwhile investment if you are a new game-designer.

thomassteen1988 says
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Sep 21st, 2013

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masemunejm says
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Apr 4th, 2013

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