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The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.29.0! This release includes the first implementation of the Save/Load feature, which catapults OpenMW closer to being completely playable. Please bear in mind that [b]the save file format is not yet finalized[/b] and we cannot guarantee forward compatibility of save files until OpenMW 1.0. Other new features include more combat AI, blocking, area magic, and disease. OpenMW is becoming a hazardous place to be!

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The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.29.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release includes the first implementation of the Save/Load feature, which catapults OpenMW closer to being completely playable. Please bear in mind that the save file format is not yet finalized and we cannot guarantee forward compatibility of save files until OpenMW 1.0. Some aspects of the game state, such as player controls being enabled/disabled, weather, some creature state including all magic (also used by NPCs), movement of objects between cells (except for the player), and fog of war are not currently saved. Other new features include more combat AI, blocking, area magic, and disease. OpenMW is becoming a hazardous place to be!

Check out therelease video by the irrepressible WeirdSexy:

Known Issues:

  • Issue #416 Extreme shaking may occur during cell transitions for some users (enable anti-aliasing as a possible workaround)
  • Slaughterfish fly. You read that right.


  • Implemented most of the Load/Save GUI
  • Implemented Knockdown
  • Implemented fatigue decrease when doing physical activities
  • Implemented melee blocking
  • Implemented area magic
  • Implemented combat and combat AI for creatures
  • Implemented Damage/Restore Skill/Attribute magic effects
  • Implemented Resistance/Weakness to normal weapons magic effect
  • Implemented Slow Fall magic effect
  • Implemented auto-calculating NPC spell list
  • Implemented Disease contraction
  • Implemented blood particles
  • Implemented the rest of the player death feature
  • Implemented sleep/rest being interrupted
  • Implemented inventory equip scripts
  • Implemented display of the version/build number in the launcher window
  • Implemented a large portion of the Save/Load feature
  • Implemented AI Packages:Activate, Follow, FollowCell
  • Implemented levelled creatures
  • Implemented missing journal backend features
  • Improved handling of creature Weapons/Shields
  • Linked movie volume to Master instead of Music volume control
  • Fix for excess vram usage
  • Fix for footsteps in first person
  • Fix for Ascended Sleeper animation issues, related to determining the root animation node
  • Fix for AI related FPS drop
  • Fix for music issues on OS X ]= 10.9
  • Fix for inventory paperdoll obscuring armour rating and rating text display when window is shrunk
  • Fix for 0/0 charge stat bar display
  • Fix for werewolf change handling
  • Fix for NIF filters not working properly with some mods
  • Fix for invalid orientation crash
  • Fix for invisible weapons when re-entering an area with NPCs engaged in combat
  • Fix for magicka depleting when casting an uncastable spell
  • Fix for creatures not being able to run
  • Fix for activators working as collision objects
  • Fix to not reset water level when loading a plugin with no water level record
  • Fix for AI packages growing exponentially when adding an AI package
  • Fix for Vivec Informants quest
  • Fix for bug allowing the player to get unlimited gold
  • Fix for bug of only receiving 1 gold when picking up stacks of gold
  • Fix for Dwemer crossbows not being held correctly
  • Fix for quick keys being able to be configured during character generation
  • Fix for a crash when equipping the lockpick in the Census & Excise Office
  • Fixes for errors in .desktop files
  • Various fixes for script instructions
  • Various message box fixes
  • OpenCS: Implemented a referenceable record verifier
  • OpenCS: Implemented script verifier
  • OpenCS: Implemented Drag & Drop
  • OpenCS: Implemented record cloning
  • OpenCS: Fixed broken code for loading objects
  • OpenCS: Fixed tables to sort case-insensitively

Good work! I´ll keep looking. Thanks.

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Glad that serious progress is going through. I was curious if there's some help I could do on your forums but I really don't know what kind of work would really be useful to you, seeing as how I can't do coding. Still, I feel very excited about the future 1.0 release. This will bring lots of modding potential to Morrowind and the engine itself could genuinely be useful for game makers.

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OpenMW Author

Any help to spread news about OpenMW is welcome. I invite you to our forums for more information.

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Ah - i see you implemented blocking!
Wanna try it someday - though unbelievable
original MWs scripts shalt have been that bad.
Will it even fix "Cellophanes Lovers and legends"(mod)
where i never managed to unlock the additional skills?
Also will face replacers and stuffs still work?
Anyways if the blocking became as foreasked all
other improvements must be great as well!

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Awesome! Can't wait to try it out!

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oooh wonderful! a lot of features this time too!

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So it's gonna be more easy to add multiplayer, when everything will be done ?

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Yes, since it's open source, anyone can pick up the code and make a multiplayer version of it. That said, it will probably still be very hard. Just not as hard as it was on the original engine.

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That sounds awesome.
OpenXcom is done, DaggerXL is still in work. Can't wait for OpenMorrowind to get playable.

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Ok, I figured out the problem with the flying slaughter fish, someone gave them Skooma and they are flapping their fins so fast they are taking off!

I personally blame the Redguards...

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Awesome! Once again, thank you for all the hard work!
Thank you for supporting Linux as well.

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Oh My! OpenMorrowind is really shaping up. I think this along with DaggerXL are my most antipicated engines. I mean think about it, making these classic games work extremely well on modern systems for potential decades to come with all the enhancements we've come to expect from modern titles, for free? I mean this is a god send and you would never see something like this from the triple A industry. They have the attention span of a goat in front of a big grass lawn, with bushes and leaves. Reviving old games is almost unthinkable, but many triple A CEO's don't even know about popular franchises like Dark Souls, Elder Scrolls & Dragon Age let alone less popular ones ... CEO's of majority of triple A industry only know about the 3 games that the marketing teams keep mentioning (Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Call of Duty). ie games that personify money milking strategies. Its only because of Steam & its integration of mod content (steam workshop) that has made developers really think about making their games moddable ie more community oriented. But for that small step forward, Indie titles makes leaps forward. With alpha funding, kickstarter, many sites that specialize in community funding bundles, and our very own Desura. Shame that Early Access has on steam has become a sort of dumping ground for unfinished, slightly to expensive, bland games... still, good indie titles get noticed eventually with social media being as powerful as it is now.

I salute you OpenMW team!

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