A freeware game creation system for classic 2D action games. No programming skills required; everything is made in a "construction kit" fashion. Achieve amazing results with minimal effort: Pre-defined "industry standard" game object categories and behaviour models with hundreds of attributes, all of which you can change. Create arcade quality games with just a few mouse clicks. Easy, fast and free.

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M484GCS - Version 9.0

M484GCS - Version 9.0

Jul 25, 2014 Full Version (1.62mb) 0 comments

Version 9.0 of the M484 Game Creation System. This version brings 10 bug fixes and some useful new features.

M484GCS - Version 8.2

M484GCS - Version 8.2

Feb 7, 2014 Full Version (1.60mb) 0 comments

Version 8.2 of the M484 Game Creation System. This version brings small updates to the Player Object and other small tweaks.

M484GCS - Version 8.1

M484GCS - Version 8.1

Jan 17, 2014 Full Version (1.59mb) 0 comments

Version 8.1 of the M484 Game Creation System. This version update fixes many nasty bugs and other problems.

Castle Defence game demo

Castle Defence game demo

Sep 21, 2013 Demo (0.70mb) 0 comments

A small "castle defence" demo game. Take control of the brave knight and defeat the monsters with rocks and swords. This example game demonstrates how...

Object Generator Demo

Object Generator Demo

Sep 12, 2013 Demo (0.63mb) 0 comments

This demo game shows how to use "Object Generators" to create infinite game levels that generate themselves.

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Side Blaster Full Version
Side Blaster

Side Blaster Full Version

Mar 22, 2014 Side Blaster Full Version (2.31mb) 0 comments

The full and final version of Side Blaster. 3 stages full of action, unique enemies and huge end-of-level bosses.

Side Blaster Demo
Side Blaster

Side Blaster Demo

Aug 26, 2013 Side Blaster Demo (1.91mb) 0 comments

A one level demo version of Side Blaster. Comes as a zip-file, unzip it, and you get the game folder.

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