Leadwerks is the easiest way to build 3D games. With a rapid development pipeline, support for Lua and C++ programming, and plenty of learning materials, Leadwerks is the perfect way to learn to make games.

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1- inferior graphics when compared to Leadwerks 2.0...
2- convoluted, misleading and confusing (if not outright deceptive) promotional hype...
3- censorship on the forums of legitimate questions and comments...
4- the head of the company has followed me around the internet trying to get web publishers to delete my critical comments...

a long time licensee and proponent for Leadwerks, i can no longer support the company and the direction it is heading... there are other more dependable and less expensive development alternatives out there that offer more... i feel that Leadwerks has lost its vision and has become little more than a money making machine for Joshua Klint, the head of the company...

nice piece of software but its just a tool to play with. nothing against the big engines (unity, unreal, cryengine)


- no decal support (waiting for months for a update)
- no texture baking for lights/shadows (performance drops)
- GUI is very bad designed (no threads for generating textures and other stuff -> Editor is freezing all the time)
- GUI usability and logic is very bad designed.
- very buggy (random access violation error, random crashes, sometimes steamversion crash steam client bootstrapper also)
- editing animations is very hard to solve (no chance to edit something except the ID, no blending in the editor between animations just in code)
- terraineditor has very small functionality
- No terrainmanipulation in code possible (no classes given)
- time between updates is too bug but updates contain not much new stuff
- very small workshop with user created content (I dont need it, I create stuff myself or buy it) that wasted a lot of codingtime for other things
- supports only .FBX models
- navmesh is not updated when something changed (the product info say so)
- ONLY OpenGL 4.0 graphiccards supported (means your game can only be created/played on OpenGL 4.0 gpus)
- "negative" critic or asking for functionality that was promised months ago ends in deleting threads/posts or a ban in the forums
- to expansive for me - $199 for standard edition (LUA/CPP)
- no GUI classes to create a GUI
- no networking (client/server, p2p) -> raknet only works with cpp version by default
- no performance monitoring
- it sells as crossplattform engine but only windows and linux is supported. osx support is coming (no date given)
- android/ouya support was canceled
- very small community (over 10k registred but maybe just 10 guys know how to use leadwerks)

- royality free (but only interesting when you can create a complete game and sell it)
- LUA/CPP language support


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