Minimal requirements for engine:

  • Graphic card: OpenGL 1.3 compatible
  • System: Windows XP and above, Linux


  • In-Game console (Quake 3 like :P)
  • Game logic is written in LuaScript
  • Over 200+ exported functions and 150+ globas to LuaScript
  • Config INI files holds configuration of all important elements to tune up your game
  • You can distribute your game and DLC's as 'Package" files


  • Low level requirements OpenGL 1.3 (but internaly it uses newest OpenGL in Compatible Mode)
  • Anglecode Bitmap Fonts with Unicode support
  • SpirteBatch for faster rendering and less texture swaps
  • Debug primitives: Point, Line, Cross, Triangle, Square, Circle


  • 3D sound achieved with OpenAL library
  • Many useful functions to tune up sound sources
  • Ability to load sounds from packages
  • No duplication of loaded data. Sound data is shared among all sound sources


  • Multiple windows support
  • Vector GUI renderer (Similar to Valve's VGUI)
  • Transparency
  • Windows definition file for creating windows and controls
  • Live 'DeveloperMode' which allows to change controls properties like position, size and many more.

Other features:

  • Fully customized by scripts and config files
  • Internal scripting is generic and allows engine to be binded with any scripting language
  • No need to compile any code (if using 'LuaScript')
  • Dynamic language support. You can change language at any time
  • Engine supports modification feature similar to Quake Mods. Each 'mod' is placed in diffrent folder and have own script and config files
  • DLL dependency free (Windows)
  • Internaly engine use only nessesary external libraries. Engine don't even use STL.
  • No need to install any kind of software. Just download and run (Windows only for now)
  • Free for non-commercial
  • View media

For quite a while I was trying to redesign Lavgine to be more and more cross-platform. Recently I've decided to use 'GLFW' library to help me handle all windowing issues because linux is very hard to cooparate. Library forced me to simplify some things which maybe I will accept one day. But now I can focus on more important things such as more 'ports'. I'm looking to get my hands on 'Mac' machine so I can add this platform to Lavgine list but no promises :)

What else going on you may ask. Well... a lot. Lavgine Lua scriping syntax has changed totaly.
It will now be more OOP like which will organise things a bit. Current version has around 200+ exported functions and 150+ variables to use. Some things has been removed as well but it will benefit at the end. Of course it doesn't mean that I wont add them in the future. I've just wanted to make solid Lavgine 'Core' to work with so that all new non-basic features will be considered as "Add-On's".

Also Lavgine now uses newest OpenGL context in compatibility mode so YOU CAN, BUT DON'T HAVE TO use new OpenGL. This will come in handy in C++ SDK. Which is also my dream goal for a while. Maybe with this smaller solid 'Core' it will be easier to achieve.

New, redesigned version of Lavgine is coming soon.
So stay tuned :)

Lavgine on Linux...! Rly ?

Lavgine on Linux...! Rly ?

3 years ago News 0 comments

Quick note about Lavgine and Linux. Rly?! Lavgine and Linux ?

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nielsmcplayer Jul 28 2013 says:

Is this a "only coded in lua" or is this a standalone wich opens a map on your desktop and puts lines of code in there by typing it in there?

thanks for this engine ill work with it if this question is answered

btw: is there a wiki with all the code? if so link it please.


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Lavi Creator
Lavi Jul 29 2013 replied:

In each mod folder you have 'Scripts' folder which holds two main script files: 'Load.lua' and 'Loop.lua'.

Load - is executed once at start (initialize and load your stuff here)
Loop - is executed each frame (put your game loop)

As for documentation it should be generated in 'Data' folder as 'Cmds.html' file. If not you can generate it using 'In-Game Console'. Press '~' to open console. Type 'SaveCmds' and press Enter.

Unfortunetly there isn't any 'Wiki' page. I hope that 'Cmds.html' mini documentation will be enough. Sadly I have limited time and resources to code Lavgine during my spare time. I'm on my own and Lavgine is becoming more and more complex.

If you have any other questions just ask :)

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Wolfyboy Dec 3 2012 says:

Not to be an *******, but there's nothing 2.5D about this...

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Lavi Creator
Lavi Dec 5 2012 replied:

Not yet and not directly from LuaScript :P but still true ^^

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TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 4 2011 says:

My only real question that remains before download is: How much coding is involved?

I know a -scant- bit of Java at best. MertB found it easy to use, so I'm curious as to -how- it is easy to use.

Also, would it be possible to see the game you used in the images as a downloadable? Just something to show off how the engine runs (it looks like you've got 3D objects, but I honestly cannot tell).

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Lavi Creator
Lavi Jul 6 2011 replied:

This is an early but full featured version of the engine so there are lack of tools like GUI, scene, objects editor.

Tools will be included in future. I'm currently working on GUI editor.

Games logic is written in LuaScript language which is very easy to use. I'm recommend this short tutorial:

Other things like animations, object definitions, GUI, scene are placed in simple (I hope) config 'INI' files.

This 'game' is actually 'Tutorial 07 Animations' and it is included to Lavgine package.

Feedback from developers is very important for me so if you find any bug, lack of feature you can send me an email and I will do my best to include it in next Lavgine release.

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MertB Jun 22 2011 says:

Downloaded the engine, and i loved it. Its very easy to use and the possibilities are endless. +1 Track

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TheUnabridgedGamer Jun 22 2011 says:

...could a tech demo or some form of screenshot be presented?

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Lavi Creator
Lavi Jun 23 2011 replied:

Paradigmthefallen - Images are added as you requested
MertB - Thanks :P This means a lot :) If you find any bug or lack of feature just msg me ;)

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Lavgine v1.3.0a is finaly here :D Download it from here : I hope you like it :)

Mar 5 2013

Well, I forgot to tweet about first Lavgine 1.2.3a Windows/Linux release. This is my first attempt for linux release so be patient ^^

Nov 23 2012

Lavgine 1.2.2a has been released. Linux port works but need some tuning and bug fixing. C++ SDK is also almost ready. Stay tuned for more :)

Jun 25 2012

Lavgine 1.2.1a finally released. I've tried to fix as much small bugs as I can. I hope next released will be even closer to 'Perfect' state.

May 30 2012

Strugle with Linux continues... Base Lavgine modules are ported. Now platform/library specific stuff :/

May 9 2012

Finally I've managed to compile Lavgine using GCC with CodeLite. Now I need to port some functions and libraries ^^ Then some tests and.. :3

Mar 27 2012

I've added 'Gravity' and 'Wind' factors to particles. Results are better than I've execpeted. Truly amazing ^^

Mar 22 2012

Lavgine 1.2.0a released :) I've decided to use diffrent versioning due I've made many changes in code and whole API.

Feb 21 2012

Lavgine 1.1.7 will use OpenGL 1.5 ^^ I've finaly done it :-)

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