jMonkeyEngine is a game development suite made especially for game developers who want to create 3D games with modern technology standards. The software is programmed entirely in Java, intended for wide accessibility and quick deployment.

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Developer of 3079 here --

My game wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for this engine. This engine has done so many great things for me, and knowing it is purely Java based allows it to be completely cross-platform without any extra work. Did I mention it is free?

These guys deserve tons of credit. This engine is fast and full of features. It also includes a complete Software Development Kit with terrain editors and all sorts of gizmos.

Highly recommend this!

In response to other review comments:

* This engine does have the ability to determine mouse pointer position. How else did I do my inventory screen?

* This engine can do any type of 3D game, not just "Minecraft clones". Check out the jMonkeyEngine's site for more examples of what has been done by this engine.

Great game engine for any kind of indie game.

This engine is not perfect, but. It is ideal for many seasoned to experienced programmers that want to go into the world of videogame making.

If you use the SDK, you have a great set of tools at your disposal, a variation of Netbeans with the engine fully integrated. a small variation of Blender to make the 3D models and import them quickly into JME, and your games run on PC/Mac/Linux thanks to the power of Java.

The engine gives o standard on how you want to code your game. So you can use the method you find fits best to your game and implement it into JME using Java and it will work for you. The tutorials and JavaDocs are great with a very helpful community.

Two bad points that pits this engine at 9 and not 10:

- You nee to have some experience in object oriented programming languages, especially Java. If you don't know Java don't start using JME. you need to learn Java first, it is a must.

- the SDK has a scene composer that allows you to create scenes for you to use in your game and save you some good lines of code. However, there are many missing features like ragdoll creation. This is mostly due to the engine not having enough manpower to add more features as they have priorities in making this as stable as possible.

sounds kike you deserve it

Nice, 3d!

Working with this engine needs some experience of game development.maybe a visual editor make it more more better( it has one in 3.1 alpha version). But I love this engine as the only true java 3d game good point is that Exporting for windows and android platforms is really easy. I hope it grows faster.


Congratulations to jMonkey staff for their work.

This engine is great. it supports 2d and 3d games. Any java developer should get this. Has made it possible to make awesome games.


Most flexible and fast engine. Great community. BSD license.

Likely the best Java game engine. Here is why:

+ Very well documented
+ Mature code base
+ Great support for Blender files (models, animations, materials, etc.)
+ Commercial friendly open-source BSD license
+ Active community
+ Convenient multi-platform support without needing to cross-compile any code
+ Supports Android (even with native Bullet support!)

- Physics has minor glitches, though that's more related to Bullet
- The SDK is only available for Netbeans. However, the engine itself is completely IDE independent.

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